Brandon Miller Has No Regrets After Trash Talking Michael Jordan For Airballing Free Throw

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Charlotte Hornets rookie Brandon Miller says he has no regrets about having spewed some trash at Michael Jordan.

Yes, that same Michael Jordan that owned that team that drafted Miller and is the best player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers and step on an NBA court.

Before the draft, Miller was at a workout with the Hornets and there MJ just so happened to airball a free throw. Hey, it happens.

However, Miller called him out for it, which would be like calling out the late, great Eddie Van Halen for muffing a note while playing “Eruption.”

But, clearly, that didn’t affect Miller’s stock with the Hornets, and he says he doesn’t regret the moment at all.

“I think [trash talking Jordan] kind of showed another side of me,” the former Alabama standout said on Paul George’s podcast, per the Daily Mail. “I think me responding to him, I don’t think he thought I was gonna say anything to him just because you know he is Michael Jordan.

“But you know, I did see him airball that free throw. So that is one thing I have above him.”

So basically it played out like one of those movies where someone tells off the boss everyone is afraid of. Then, while they’re waiting for the boss to freak out, he says, “I like the cut of your jib,” and gives him a promotion.

Miller Talked His First Meeting With Victor Wembanyama

Miller also discussed what it was like to go up against towering first-overall pick, San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama.

“It was fun just seeing him step up to a challenge and guard me full court,” he said. “I think that shows a lot of heart of who he is.

“He’s definitely gonna have a great career in the league and I think he’s just a great player off the court, just willing to learn.”

The NBA schedule hasn’t been released yet, but there will be a lot of eyes on Wembanyama and Miller whenever the Hornets visit the Spurs or vice versa.

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