Brandin Cooks Finally Gets Traded, To Cowboys, Who Still Won’t Win A Super Bowl

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Smoke emitted from The Vatican this morning signaling than Brandin Cooks had finally been traded. Cooks was dealt to the Cowboys after having sat on the trade block for what seems like a decade.

The Big J’s were quick to report that Cooks heads to Dallas in exchange for a couple of late round draft picks. One pick heads to Houston this year and another, next. Chances are, come this April and next, you’ll have no idea the names of the players selected by the Texans.

Anyways, I’m just glad Cooks got traded. This prevents us from enduring Cooks trade rumors from now through the NFL’s trade deadline in late fall for seemingly the umpeenth season.

Cooks, who registered 57 catches for three scores last season, has been so oft-rumored to be dealt that he sat out a Texans game last season after the trade deadline passed for “personal reasons.”

Brandin Cooks has been traded from Houston to Dallas. (Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images).

Dallas Gets Brandin Cooks, Still Won’t Win

Houston, by the way, rids itself of the $18 million Brandin Cooks is owed for the upcoming campaign. Before being traded to the Texans in 2020, Cooks played for the Rams, Patriots and Saints. He has talent, but has now been traded FOUR times throughout his career.

If Dallas thinks he’s their missing piece, well, they’re wrong.

The Cowboys still employ Dak Prescott under center. A good, not great, QB. They’ve got CeeDee Lamb at WR and he’s the real deal. Dallas’ defense has a stud in Micah Parsons and an above average corner in Trevon Diggs.

But, these are the Cowboys. Give ’em Patrick Mahomes, Nick Bosa and Derrick Henry. It still wouldn’t matter. Jinxed, cursed, whatever. These ‘boys aren’t winning the Super Bowl. They always fall just short.

Dallas’ last Super Bowl appearance came after the 1995-96 season when they beat Pittsburgh. Adding Brandin Cooks isn’t about to break their streak of missing out on playing for Lombardi.

And I’m no Cowboys hater. I just recognize when the sports Gods have it out for particular franchises. Hell, I’m a Browns fan. You think Deshaun Watson’s massaging that putrid franchise to a championship anytime soon? Not happening.

Other teams that suffer from a similar affliction are the Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Pirates and Orlando Magic. If you know, you know.

Enjoy it now Cowboys fans. One way or another your season’s ending in January. And come November of ’24 the Brandin Cooks trade rumors should once again be scorching hot.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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