Brady Trainer On Belichick: ‘He Never Evolved’

Though the game is more than a week away, Tom Brady’s triumphant return to New England is already making waves in NFL circles.

Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick haven’t given any opinions yet, and likely won’t until next week, but that doesn’t mean others in their orbits have stayed silent.

Brady’s father, Tom Sr., said “damn right” his son feels vindicated after leading the Bucs to a Super Bowl win without Belichick at the helm. Alex Guerrero, Brady’s longtime trainer and a long-suspected but never confirmed source of controversy in New England, said Belichick never “evolved” as Tom grew older.

“The interesting thing I think there — and this is just me, an outsider looking in — it was like Bill never really … I think his emotions or feelings never evolved with age,” Guerrero said. “I think in time, with Tom, as Tom got into his late 30s or early 40s, I think Bill was still trying to treat him like that 20-year-old kid that he drafted. And all the players, I think, realized Tom was different.

“[Tom was] older, and so he should be treated differently. And all the players, none of them would have cared that he was treated differently. I think that was such a Bill thing. He never evolved. So you can’t treat someone who’s in his 40s like they’re 20. It doesn’t work.”

Brady, to his credit, maintains a squeaky-clean public image, thanks to a refusal to denigrate any former teammates or coaches. Perhaps Brady will give us a glimpse into his psyche one day, long after his playing days have ended; or maybe he’ll keep his honest opinions to himself. Whatever he decides, we know that he’s a competitor who is uncommonly fixated on winning championships above all else.

Written by TK Sanders

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  1. The trainer is a source for perspective on Belicheck’s football coaching approach??? Come on now. That’s about as solid as asking the White House chef his opinion on the President’s foreign policy as a “source”.

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