Brad Lea Discusses Andrew Tate Comparison, Tate’s Social Media Ban with Tomi Lahren

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Brad Lea, an entrepreneur and founder of LightSpeed Virtual Training, joined Tomi Lahren to discuss the comments people make comparing Lea and Andrew Tate.

“Some people in the past have compared you to Andrew Tate, for people aren’t familiar, he’s been banned on everything because he’s supposedly a misogynist,” Tomi said. “Some say that you are like him and some say that you are the answer to people like him. But what do you think?”

“I don’t think I’m like him,” Lea said. “I think I’m honest and blunt like him. But some of his opinions about women I don’t necessarily agree with. I think he’s doing it more for shock value, if you ask me. And to get that attention because he understands attention. He also understands, you know, getting that volume into the algorithm.”


Lea told Tomi that one thing he admires about Andrew Tate is Instagram can’t stop him.

“Like literally when you have 10,000, 20,000 people that’ll post your content, whether Instagram wants you on there or not, you can’t be stopped,” he said. “I still see him. He’s been banned, but I see him every single day. So in that I admire the guy and I like I mean, I like a lot of stuff, he says, because it’s so funny. But I just don’t agree necessarily with women or trash and women can’t drive. And I think he does that more for shock value.

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