AJ Bunker, OnlyFans Star Elle Brooke's Weigh-In Got Heated

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has managed to create a lot of buzz heading into her fight on Saturday night with AJ Bunker at the Indigo at the O2 in London.

Brooke pulled off a coffin stunt during one of her press conferences that caused her original opponent Astrid Wett to back out of the fight. She followed that up on Friday with a heated weigh-in.

During the faceoff portion of their weigh-in, Brooke grabbed the mic and told her opponent AJ Bunker that she was going to kill her.

"Listen here, I am going to kill you like your s*** career that lasted in six f***ing days."

Bunker responded to the trash talk by shoving Brooke

Things got heated between the two from there. Bunker responded to the trash talk by shoving Brooke. They then traded a few insults, including classics about each other's breath.

Brooke started the insult by saying her opponent's breath, "f***ing hums."

To which Bunker replied, "You want to talk about my breath, hun? I don't want to know where your mouth's f***ing been."

A little more pushing and shoving took place before they were separated. Here's a look at the weigh-in and the heated exchange that followed.

She's certainly picked up a few pointers along the way

Brooke has been training hard for her boxing debut there's no doubt about that. We'll see whether the training pays off and translates into any success in the ring.

She's certainly picked up a few pointers along the way about promoting fights. All of the best of fight promoting from coffin stunts, to threatening to kill your opponent, and insults about bad breath.

Even if this fight doesn't entertain, and I'm not going to lie here the chances are it will be disappointing, the lead up to the fight has provided plenty of entertainment.

The coffin stunt alone was well worth it. Not to mention the bikini weigh-in. You can't go wrong with a bikini weigh-in.