Embarrassing Scene Unfolds As Boston College Fans Storm The Field Too Early After Beating A Three-Loss Team With The Same Record

Boston College is 2-3 on the young 2022 season after beating Louisville on Saturday. The Cardinals are now, also, 2-3.

And yet, a group of students decided to … storm the field?!

Entering the year, there was some buzz in Chestnut Hill. Quarterback Phil Jurkovec was back at full health and soon-to-be NFL superstar wide receiver Zay Flowers chose to return for his final year on the collegiate level instead of transferring for a big NIL bag.

As a result, the Eagles offense was thought by many to be a sneaky out in the ACC. That is not necessarily the case thus far.

Boston College lost to Rutgers in Week 1, Virginia Tech in Week 2, and Florida State in Week 4. They entered the weekend at 1-3. They aren’t very good after all.

Despite the early-season struggles, the Eagles pulled off a win at home on Saturday and beat the Cardinals by one. It was a good win for a program that was not far from hitting the panic button, but it was nothing exceptionally notable. They didn’t beat Clemson or Alabama or anyone like that.

They beat Louisville. That is what made the postgame antics so embarrassing.

As the clock wound down, Boston College students rushed onto the field to celebrate.

They thought the game was over, but there was actually one second left. The fans who poured onto the field for a conference win over a program with a newly-equal record had to be ushered off of the field for one final play.

Storming the field after beating unranked Louisville is a bad look to begin with, and that comes from someone who is openly pro-field storm. To storm the field too early is even more brutal.

If that wasn’t bad enough, once the game actually did come to a close, they ran back out onto the field to celebrate and they were joined by an even larger group.

Storming the field is so much fun. It should be done in every single instance possible—

But a conference win over a program with the same record after the loss is not one of those instances. Yeesh.

Written by Grayson Weir

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