Booger McFarland Drank ‘A Little Whiskey’ To Stay Warm During NFL Games

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You’ve got to have some tricks up your sleeves — you also need sleeves, for that matter — to stay warm during a frigid game at Lambeau Field. Turns out Booger McFarland had just the trick back in his playing days.

The ex-NFL defensive tackle was talking about the ridiculous temperatures the Packers and Rams were facing on Monday Night Football. He harkened back to his playing days and mentioned that he liked to drink chicken broth during a cold game… the occasional belt of whiskey was helpful too.

“A little trick of the trade. In the summertime, we have Gatorade, but in the wintertime, no Gatorade.” McFarland explained. “We’re going to have a little chicken broth over here in our Gatorade cooler. And if you’re like me, you might have a little shot of something over here, maybe something a little stronger on the side — just to give you a little warmth down your throat.

“Maybe a little whiskey. I’m not saying that everybody does it. But I’m just telling you what I did to stay warm.”

Doesn’t it just seem right that a defensive tackle named “Booger” was downing the occasional shot on the sidelines?

It makes complete sense to me: alcohol makes you feel warmer. This practice shouldn’t be outlawed because whiskey isn’t a performance enhancer unless you’re bowling or golfing.

It’s not like this was something that McFarland needed to do all the time considering he spent the past majority of his career playing in warm weather with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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