Bomani Jones Ratings Are So Bad They Failed To Register This Week, Loses To 1:30 Am ‘Tiny Chef’

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The most recent episode of Bomani Jones’ HBO program on race relations in America failed to register on the cable chart.

“Race Theory” was noticeably absent from ShowBuzzDaily’s top 150 from Friday, a list that compiles the top-rated shows of each day.

Jones missed the chart despite airing directly after “Real Time with Bill Maher” and its 799,000 viewers.

Bomani has lost over 80% of Maher’s audience this season. And it would appear the number worsened this past week.

Something called “The Tiny Chef Show” aired at 1:30 a.m. on Nicktoons the same day. The below little green chef drew 83,000 viewers and less than modest 0.03 TV ratings — enough to rank on the chart, unlike Bomani.

A kids’ show that airs while kids are asleep is beating Bomani who airs in primetime.

I guess, to be fair, watching the puppet-like figure cook pizza outdoes Jones calling white people racist for 30 minutes a week, the synopsis of his HBO program, in the suspense category.

Have you ever heard of “Linea de 4”?

Neither have we. But the Spanish-language program also beat Bomani Jones in viewership on Friday, drawing just 48,000 viewers and a 0.03.

Despite Jones’ failures, HBO’s parent company Warner Bros. Discovery continues to prop him up. Sister station TNT broadcasts “Race Theory” on Thursdays ahead of its NBA double-header, often the top-ranking title on cable that day.

One might wonder how Jones performs on TNT as opposed to HBO. Unfortunately, we can’t say for certain. Like on HBO, Jones does not register among the top 150.

Jones leads into NBA games on TNT that draw over a million viewers. Yet he can’t top a VH1 re-air of “Real Husbands of Hollywood” and its 62,000 viewers.

Bomani Jones told his Twitter followers he’s “uncommonly talented.” The tweet remains up as of publication.

In response to said tweet, we checked in on how his “talent” has translated in the ratings during his most recent stops.

It turns out:

  • He set an ESPN Radio low in the afternoon.
  • Lost a damning percentage of Stephen A. Smith’s television audience on ESPN at noon with record lows.
  • Got canceled for record lows at 4 p.m. on ESPN.
  • Tanked 80% of John Oliver’s lead-in ratings during his first season on HBO.
  • Tanked greater than 80% of Bill Maher’s lead-in ratings during his second season on HBO.
  • Failed to register on HBO.
  • Failed to register on TNT.

Uncommonly unsuccessful*.

What’s more, last week’s tank job came on the heels of the show generating headlines leading into the episode. Earlier in the week, HBO released a teaser clip of Jake Paul telling Bomani he’s a loser who projects his failures onto others.

Based on the ratings, Paul was correct. But Paul saying so to Bomani’s face didn’t help with viewership, as HBO had hoped.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Imagine the absurdity of any network giving former klansman David Duke a TV show. Then keep giving him shows despite awful ratings. Yet networks give black supremacist clown Bomani a show, and keep him there even though he can’t draw an audience. And you wonder why so many people don’t trust sports (or any) media.

  2. By the way Bobby, love your stuff bro, but you need a better thumbnail photo. My tech Luddite brother, who can’t figure out how to open up his cheap phone’s camera app, has a better Facebook selfie photo than your Outkick pic.

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