Nobody Watched Bomani Jones’ New HBO Show

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No one likes Bomani Jones and it’s insulting to the viewers when a network puts him on air.

On Sunday, Jones debuted his new weekly HBO program, Game Theory. HBO wants the Jones experiment to work so badly that his program airs directly following the top-rated show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, at 11:30 pm ET.

HBO figured at least some of Oliver’s viewers would keep the channel on for Jones and that Jones would bring in viewers of his own. Nope.

Oliver drew 664,000 viewers on Sunday, while Game Theory with Bomani Jones fell to 153,000. Jones lost 511,000 of Oliver’s 664,000 viewers.

That is a 77% drop. 77%! It’s almost impressive to lose that many of your lead-in’s viewers and then add virtually none of your own. HBO could have drawn a higher total by airing infomercials or going dark.

Keep in mind, Jones’ show is only 30 minutes long, so he did not lose Oliver’s audience over the total of a few hours. HBO viewers tuned out as soon as they saw Jones on the screen. Jones is essentially a viewership kryptonite.

Few people in media have failed harder than Bomani Jones has. First, ESPN tried to make him a radio star, but it turns out that Jones is not good on radio. His program drew the lowest ratings in ESPN Radio history. After it quickly lost over 90 affiliates, ESPN canceled Jones’ radio show.

Still, Jones’ historic failures didn’t stop ESPN from shoving this guy down our throats. It soon afterward gave Jones a new TV show with Pablo Torre called High Noon and a contract worth over $2 million a year.

ESPN tried to prop up Jones by having him follow Stephen A. Smith, its biggest star, at noon ET. However, Jones’ show often lost around 50% of Smith’s average. So ESPN then moved High Noon to 4 p.m., thinking it would rate better in a block with PTI, the network’s highest-rated program. And, you guessed it, Jones failed there too.

In 2020, ESPN had to cancel High Noon altogether after it often failed to rank among cable’s top 150 programs. And though Jones was the obvious reason for this failure as well, he publicly blamed co-host Torre for the show’s flop.

“We did not have chemistry between me and Pablo,” Jones told GQ in an agent-pitched puff piece.

Perhaps Jones didn’t have chemistry with Torre. Who could have chemistry with Bomani Jones? But how does Jones justify his blunders as a solo radio and TV host? Hopefully, his time on HBO will force him to answer that question.

You might ask yourself what kind of material this guy has on his executives. Photos? Rumors? We can’t say for sure. Yet whatever it is, he probably doesn’t need it anyway. See, Jones has risen the ranks by calling white people racist. Jones has even recently said that white people are the problem in the NFL, in his life and in America.

“I just don’t know why people try to make this far more complex than it is,” Jones said. “What’s the problem? White people.”

Meanwhile, media executives — who are mostly white and mostly cowards — want to prove they are not racist so that they can survive. They think promoting a host like Jones who has an anti-white fetish will help them in that endeavor. So as far as they’re concerned, Jones can keep failing for well over a million dollars per year. That’s a heckuva lot cheaper than defending themselves against accusations of racism and any attending lawsuits.

Jones has a rather racist grift going on. Quite a gig, if you can get it.

It will be interesting to see how low Jones can sink at HBO before the service has no choice but to cut him. I’m betting low.

How do you draw just 153,000 viewers after a week of mass promotion from both HBO and ESPN? As I said, Bomani Jones’ failures are almost impressive.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. He really is one of the worst out there. Possesses zero talent, zero deep thought, and zero redeeming qualities. And this was a pretty great week for sports coverage too…March Madness ramping up, NFL free agency, big trades going down, MLB back from lockout, Brady out of retirement. My goodness, you have to be actively trying to fail with all that.

  2. He’s such a sad pathetic human being. Feel sorry for him. He represents the worst of America by blaming everything on race. That line doesn’t work anymore. Guess he has made a bunch of money on the idiots at espn and hbo though.

  3. Bobby said it perfectly. Jones has a racial grift going on. Like Joy Reid, Jones says hateful things about White people. The White coward executives at these media sites are intimidated into not evaluating these racists appropriately because they are so afraid of blowback and lawsuits. The racists know it and laugh all the way to the bank.

  4. Best thing you can do with racist detritus like Bomani Jones, Joy Reid, and Jemele Hill is ignore them. Their hate is what thrusts them into the public eye, not by the people who support them, but by the people who despise them. Talking about Jones’ failures is pushing his Q rating for HBO more than if he just faded into nothing. Just late these racist hacks die on the vine

  5. Another brother nobody cares about. See what happens when all these media companies try to go black? They keep losing $$$. One more angry negro everybody`s sick of…….Keep going woke, keep going broke.

  6. Exactly. Let’s be honest here, just what is Bomani’s actual viewing audience? Even the white lib tards who want to act woke aren’t wasting their time watching this imbecile. Despite what that say. Outside of that there’s no logical white person going watch someone who’s sole objective is to tell white people they’re racist. I wouldn’t think most Asians and Hispanics really care enough about American sports to tune into to this clown. What’s left? The 13%? I’d say right off the bat half have never even heard of this guy. I think it’s a fair estimate to say 3 to 5% of the entire population are that cares about this idiot. And even they aren’t going to tune into him every chance they get. He’s by no means must see or can’t miss.

  7. Jones has zero talent, is annoying as Hell, and cannot even speak proper English. The fact that this clown has been an adjunct “professor” tells you all you need to know about higher Ed in this country.

  8. Agree … when we say “NO ONE watches _______” that is a euphemism for “statistically very few across the country”. and when compared to alternative programming. In reality there are 10 of 1,000s that DO indeed watch race-baiting provocateurs like Jones and Joy Reid and Jamelle Hill. etc
    Whenever I am at a large gathering such as a college / NFL game with 50-60-,70,000 in attendance I play a game of how many of’em are hard-core radical BLMers, wokies, gender-benders, View-watchers, et al. Out of a random 50,000, I assume MAYBE 5,000+ …. maybe one section of the stadium. Kinda helps keep the general public lunacy in perspective.

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