Bomani Jones And Domonique Foxworth: NFL Thinks Fans Hate Black People, Could Change Rules To Favor White QBs

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Now that six of the seven highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL are black and three of the first four picks of the 2023 NFL Draft were also black QBs, Bomani Jones and Domonique Foxworth have changed their stance on the league being racist. They’ve now turned their attention to the racist fans who watch the NFL.

The two race-obsessed sports commentators who constantly get rewarded for failing shared their thoughts about the NFL Draft on the most recent episode of ‘The Right Time With Bomani Jones.’


Jones and Foxworth nearly made it a full half-hour before turning their focus to race and claiming that NFL believes its fans hate black people. Foxworth got the race conversation underway by making a ludicrous prediction that the NFL is going to make rule changes because there are so many black QBs in the league.

“Something just hit me, there’s gonna be some rule changes in the NFL, they’re gonna do something,” Foxworth said. “Who’s the best quarterback in football? Patrick Mahomes. Who’s the two highest-paid players in all the league? Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts. Who are the first three quarterbacks drafted in this draft? Black dudes.”

“Yep, something’s going down,” Jones agreed before Foxworth said “We’ve got a rule change coming down the pike.”

Bomani Jones, the king of failing upwards, agrees with Domonique Foxworth’s opinion that the NFL thinks its fans are racist. (HBO)

Bomani Jones, Domonique Foxworth Thinks NFL Fans Are Dumb And Racist

Jones then went on to claim that the only reason the NFL started making “punitive roughing the passer penalties” was because of the number of black QBs entering the league during the Michael Vick and Daunte Culpepper era.

“They had to slow up those defensive backs. Guys, it’s turning into a problem when ain’t nobody can talk themselves into drafting Will Levis,” Jones said. “Something has fundamentally changed.”

Then, the switch flipped, courtesy of Foxworth. The league isn’t racist, just the simple-minded fans who consume the product are.

“You might be listening to this and thinking ‘Domonique is arguing that the NFL is just flat-out ‘I hate black people racist.’ No, it’s a different type of racism, it’s because they think you are ‘I hate black people racist,'” Foxworth said.

“They know that the stars of this entertainment property are the quarterbacks, that is who the people that are three degrees removed, they don’t know nobody but four or five quarterback names,” Foxworth continued. “And you know what they believe, the same way the NBA is probably concerned about all these international players, they know the stars that sell consistently are tall white dudes.”

“The secret sauce for viewership is white,” Jones said.

Will Levis fell to the second round of the NFL Draft, which is something Foxworth and Jones weren’t upset to see. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Foxworth And Jones’ Race-Baiting Talking Points Are Nonsense

So, according to Foxworth and Jones’ big brains, the NFL is so popular because of the white guys in the league and their ability to throw a football. It has nothing to do with the football being played, how flawless the product is, and how addicted we are to watching the sport in general, it’s just all about the tall white dudes.


Imagine if two white media members were having this same conversation about the NBA in reaction to white players hypothetically becoming the highest-paid players in the league.

If a white person said ‘the secret sauce to viewership of the NBA is black’ they would be canceled immediately and wouldn’t be able to find a job in media again in all of North America.

Foxworth and Jones make a living by talking about race in sports, and nine times out of 10, just like this instance, they’re completely out of line and out of touch.

Thankfully, their entire shtick is crumbling before them with black quarterbacks being paid what they’re due.

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  1. Are the opinions of these two goobers really worthy of constantly promoting them on OutKick? …. Whats next? … Screencaps of fat ugly girls?

    If Clay touting the awesome # of Outkick viewers is correct … more people know “what Bomani Jones says” via Outkick than thru his own show ???

    • That’s what makes it funny. The idea of ‘ignore people and don’t give them screen time’ is a fudd idea that ignores the existence of meme culture. The best way to break something or someone down is not to ignore them but to make them the targets of photoshops and beclown them.

      • I appreciate that strategy logic. But even casual viewers to OutKick are well aware of Bomani Jones by now. IMO, he does not rise to the level of notoriety of a Howard Stern or a Keith Olbermann who are also always quoted on OutKick. It’s not a BFD either way since Outkick is constantly scrolling new articles with nothing remaining on top for very long.

        I imagine Jones is aware every time he “makes it on to OutKick” and counts it as a Win for himself.

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