Boise State Fans Can Help The Program’s NIL Collective By Crushing Cold Beers

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Boise State fans now have a duty to the Broncos to hammer some cold beers.

Ever since the start of the NIL era, there have been lots of people trying to figure out fun and unique ways to funnel money to players.

Well, if you’re a fan of beer and college football, Boise State might take the cake. The Western Collective brewery is brewing The Horseshoe Golden Ale, and it’s “a co-branded beer that’s marketed in conjunction with The Horseshoe Collective,” according to On3.

Boise State NIL collective will be helped by beer brewery. (Credit: Getty Images)

That means if you drink some Horseshoe Golden Ale, you’ll be indirectly putting cash in Boise State’s NIL collective.

Western Collective will donate 10 cents to the Horseshoe Collective for every Horseshoe Golden Ale the brewery sells. The goal is to raise $24,000 for the collective by selling 10,000 cases containing 24 cans each, according to the same On3 report.

Beer and football is the perfect combination.

It’s a bit surprising more programs don’t have indirect beer hookups when it comes to NIL. Virtually all programs ban athletes from having alcohol sponsorships, but there’s nothing to stop beer companies from donating money to an NIL collective.

An ice cold brew on a hot fall day while watching your team play is about as American as it gets. Crushing a Miller Lite, Busch Light or anything else you like while yelling at the TV is what separates us from the soulless communists overseas.

The Western Collective brewery will donate part of its beer sales to Boise State’s NIL collective. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

In this country, we celebrate college football, we drink cold brews on Saturdays in the fall and we won’t ever apologize for it.

It was only a matter of time before a beer company stepped in and found a way to get money into the pockets of players.

That’s exactly what the Western Collective brewery has done, and there’s no doubt it won’t have any trouble slinging beer.

Beer sales will indirectly help Boise State’s NIL collective. (Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images)

If Alabama fans knew buying a certain beer would help players get paid, it would become the best selling beer in the state overnight. Boise State football players are certainly hoping the same is true for the Horseshoe Golden Ale.

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