Bobby Petrino Puts Up United Front With Jimbo Fisher, Finally Addresses Texas A&M Play-Calling While Falling In Line

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One of the most interesting storylines in college football this fall revolves around Bobby Petrino and Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M. The sixth-year head coach and his new offensive coordinator are both big personalities who want to be in control.

Fisher hired Petrino in January after the Aggies offense floundered for much of the 2022 season. The 62-year-old most recently served as the head coach at Missouri State after stints at Louisville, Western Kentucky and Arkansas, in addition to a year with the Falcons.

Well, technically, Petrino took a job as the offensive coordinator at UNLV after last season. It only lasted a few weeks before he bounced for the SEC.

The entire scenario is rather confusing. Petrino and Fisher seem like two people who will clash.

They both move fast and loose, with the desire to be known as a winner. That isn’t to say that winning is most important to them, but rather that they want the recognition as someone who wins.

It’s a slippery slope that most outsiders foresee as a disaster in the making.

Fisher called Texas A&M’s offense last season and went 5-7. Petrino wants the keys.

He may or may not get them. Fisher refused to say that he was handing them over at SEC Media Days.

Who is going to call the plays? Will it lead to contention? How are the two going to coexist?

Petrino was asked those very questions on Saturday during Texas A&M’s first full-staff presser of camp. He said that he is the one calling plays in practice and sees that continuing through the fall.

The 62-year-old offensive coordinator also spoke about his relationship with Fisher. It was a largely complimentary and submissive answer and Petrino said what he was expected to say in terms of coach speak.

I’ve read or heard, or I’ve had people send me things about, ‘Are you and Coach Fisher getting along?’ That’s not really how it works. [Jimbo] is the boss, alright. My job is to keep him happy and make sure everything works the way he wants it to work […]

I understand that more than probably anybody because of the number of years I’ve been a head coach. But, it’s been a lot of fun. Coach [Fisher] is a ball coach.

The ability to go into the meeting room and watch video and listen to his philosophies and his techniques and fundamentals, I’ve improved a lot as a coach, and my knowledge has improved a lot as a coach in just the short amount of time I’ve been here.

— Bobby Petrino

There was a smile on Petrino’s face as he said it, but did he really feel how his face portrayed?

It’s all rainbows and butterflies for now. Petrino and Fisher seem to have a plan in place.

How long will it last before things start to go south and the two big-personality coaches turn on each other? It feels more like a when than an if at this point.

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