Bobby Bowden Wanted to Beat COVID-19 to Vote for Trump

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Have you ever created enemies by merely expressing your appreciation? That just happened to former Florida State football coach, Bobby Bowden.

Bowden thanked his doctors, family, and fans for their support during his battle with COVID-19. Then, he went to the media and social media’s dark side, the pro-Trump side.

Wait until ESPN reads this line from Bowden:

“I’ve had a chance to get a lot of wins in my life, but I really wanted to win this one because I wanted to be around to vote for President Trump.”

Uh oh.

Bowden turns 91 in a few weeks and has likely never experienced the type of hate that comes with supporting Trump publicly.

Just ask Chris Pratt. The insufferable Twitter mob losers attacked him based on the possibility he might vote for Trump. Wild.

Anyway, it’s great to see Bowden win his battle with COVID. I like his chances in his next showdown, too.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. I’m with Bobby! Heck, my wife and I voted early because who knows what will happen Election Day? I’d strongly encourage everyone to vote early and vote IN PERSON. Don’t trust this mail in ballot BS. They’ll accidentally lose your vote in a dumpster.

  2. I love Bobby Bowden, but I’m still a believer that you should keep who you’re voting for to yourself. America was a much happier place when people did that. I live in a very conservative county, waited 30 minutes to vote early yesterday, there were a few times when liberals made minor trouble, and I was proud that not a single person in line took the bait, everyone kept their mouths shut and their focus on the job at hand. Vote and get out of there. No need for drama or shenanigans.

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