Bob Stoops Unknowingly Trolls Iowa Offensive Coordinator Brian Ferentz Via Cameo

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In one of the great moments in Cameo history, some genius(es) paid Bob Stoops and Iowa men’s basketball coach Fran McCaffery to unknowingly troll Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz who is having a tough time right now.

Through two games, Ferentz’s offense for his father’s franchise has 10 points, a quarterback that has thrown more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (0), a rushing game that’s averaging 2.3 yards per carry and managed just 150 yards of total offense Saturday against Iowa State in a 10-7 loss.

It’s so bad in Iowa City that fans have resorted to hiring Bob Stoops on Cameo to suggest Brian get out of the family business. This might’ve been the best $250 Hawkeyes fans have ever spent.

But that’s not the only advice Brian Ferentz received this week. Iowa men’s basketball coach Fran McCaffery was also caught up in this massive troll for just $50 and this video will live on for decades with Hawkeyes fans.

“Hey Brian, Fran McCaffery here. I wanted to reach out and let you know all of us in the Hawkeye family are thinking about you. Your family loves you. Your dad loves you. The Hawkeyes love you. Maybe think about making a move back to New England. But wherever you go, wherever you are, the Hawkeye family will always be with you,” the school’s basketball coach said in an emotional Cameo.

That’s so sweet.

The New England part is in reference to Brian working for Bill Belichick as the Patriots tight end coach in 2011 before dad brought him back to Iowa as his offensive line coach.

Here is the bad news for Iowa fans that can’t stand to see much more of Brian’s offense — dad, Kirk, who has been the head coach since 1999, signed a new contract in the spring that has him in Iowa City through 2029.

As part of Kirk’s new contract, he secured raises for his assistants, including Brian who is now making an astronomical $900,000 during the 2022 season, which is a 4.6% raise over his 2021 salary of $860,000.

Next up for the Hawkeyes is a home game against 2-1 Nevada. Here’s the bad news for Brian. In Nevada’s two wins, the Wolfpack gave up 12 to New Mexico State and 14 to Texas State.

Good luck, son.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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