Bob Cousy, 93 Year Old All-Time NBA Great, Torches Newly Obnoxious JJ Redick

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It’s been more than 50 years since Bob Cousy last played an NBA game, but that’s not preventing him from taking shots at retired sharpshooter JJ Redick.

“People with less talent will always try to make a name for themselves by criticizing other people and hopefully getting some attention and perhaps increasing their credibility,” Cousy told SiriusXM NBA Radio.

Cousy’s comment was made after he was asked to respond to Redick’s criticisms of pre-1980 NBA players. An era in which Redick said to ESPN: “Bob Cousy won championships when there were eight teams in the NBA and you had to win two playoff series. Let’s celebrate Bob Cousy in his era, but you can’t compare pre-1980 with the modern NBA.”

Redick later added that Cousy, 93, was “being guarded by plumbers and firemen.”

As Cousy sees it, those fireman and plumbers were pretty damn good. Mainly guys like Russell and Chamberlain who torched plenty of nets and clogged quite a few lanes.

“So when you respond to something like this, you play into their hands. I won’t do that, but I will defend the firemen and the plumbers that he referenced, said Cousy. “And I’ll just give you a few of the names of these firemen that I played with and against during those years.

“How about Bill Russell, the aforementioned, not too bad a player. Wilt Chamberlain, remember that guy? He wasn’t bad. I guess he must have fought fires as well. But in any event, Wilt Chamberlain.”

Cousy then rattled off a rolodex of star players from his era including guys like Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and Bob Pettit, before concluding: “We must have had the best firemen and plumbers on the planet at the time. And I was very proud to play with all of them.”

Redick, not known for making comments that people remember or care much about, has been on a roll recently. Earlier this month he ripped Chris “Mad Dog” Russo for comments about Draymond Green. He was so off-base even Stephen A. Smith defended Russo.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. The name JJ sounds like a little sissy boy. “Can JJ come out and play, Mrs. Reddick?” These fucks have no appreciation for the talented, tough dudes who paved the way for their obnoxious contracts. Reddick is a monumental pussy. Dukie sissy.

  2. Redick is right though. Cousy mentioned the hall of famers he played against, and they could’ve played in any era, but the roster construction of teams were filled out by much less talented(and mostly white) players compared to today’s game. Everything is better today: players, coaches, defense, shooting, athleticism, size of players etc. Modern NBA didn’t start until 1979-80 when Bird and Magic came into the league.

    • It’s essential that history be interpreted in the context of the time it occurred or no one will understand it rightly. When we do all this era comparison it’s a total waste of time, because they were completely different times, people, and circumstances. All the variables must be equal to have a legitimate comparison, and that is simply impossible when comparing different eras of sports history. Things are WAY different both ways. When we try to apply our current time period’s standards to history, it’s lazy, and all it does is create a distorted view of history. I would think Redick, being educated at Duke, would have been bright enough to understand this, and not say such shortsighted things denigrating legends who built the sport he now has reaps the benefits from. He OWES respect to Cousy, regardless if he realizes it or not.

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