BLM Louisville Defends Posting Bond Of Activist Charged With Attempted Murder Of Mayoral Candidate

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Just two days after being arrested and charged with attempted murder of a Louisville mayoral candidate, Quintez Brown had his $100,000 bond posted by Black Lives Matter (BLM) Louisville Wednesday.

Brown, 21, allegedly fired shots into the campaign office of Democrat candidate Craig Greenberg in Butchertown using a 9mm Glock handgun. Greenberg wasn’t hit by any bullets, but a round grazed his clothing.

In a series of tweets Thursday, BLM Louisville defended its decision of bailing Brown out of the Louisville Metropolitan Department of Corrections.

Brown is a known active member of BLM Louisville and notably appeared on MSNBC’s AM JOY hosted by Joy Reid in 2018. Brown argued for the outlawing of assault rifles during the March for Our Lives protest.

“We want common sense gun reform and if you’re not going to give us that, then we’re going to get everyone out here to vote and we’re going to vote you out of office,” Brown said. “So, if you want to keep your job, then you know, give us not what we want, but what we need. What humans need. We need common sense gun reform. Get rid of assault rifles.”

Chanelle Helm, BLM Louisville organizer and co-founder of the Louisville Community Bail Fund, said the organization bailed Brown out in order to keep him safe as he awaits trial.

“They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full extent,” Helm said. “It is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.”

Greenberg released a statement via Twitter Thursday, and said that the criminal justice system is “broken.”

“It is nearly impossible to believe that someone can attempt murder on Monday and walk out of jail on Wednesday,” Greenberg wrote.

OutKick’s Clay Travis expressed his displeasure with the situation on Twitter Thursday, bringing up a double-standard that exists.

“So let me get this straight a BLM activist tried to kill a Jewish candidate for mayor of Louisville — literally shot at him with a gun — & his bail, which was only $100k, was paid by crowdfunding,” Travis wrote. “But Canadian truckers aren’t allowed to use crowd funding for their protest?

“Imagine what would happen if a Trump supporter attempted to kill a minority running for office, only got a $100k bail, and right wing activists paid for his bail using crowd funding. This would be the lead story on MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post and NYT for WEEKS.”

Photo via: The Daily Wire

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