Black Basketball Player Shares Video She Claims Shows Fans Making Racist Noise To Heckle Her

A video has been shared on social media that shows fans making noises while a black female athlete attempts to shoot free throws. According to TMZ, the video was shared by Asia Prudhomme, a senior at East Central High School.

Prudhomme was at the free throw line when the video was taken. She claims the noises were racist in nature and that she “can’t even play basketball without ignorance and racism in the stands.”

In the video, multiple students can be heard making noises. The intent of those nosies is unclear.

According to reports, the school district is investigating the incident.

“Marble Falls School District has an unyielding commitment to love every child and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential, and this applies to children outside of our school district as well,” the district said in a statement on Monday.

“We will continue to work with administration at East Central High to fully investigate and hold students accountable for their actions. Marble Falls ISD does not condone any form of discrimination, and we would like students at East Central to know they have our full support.”

Fan Noise At Center Of High School Basketball Accusation

East Central’s athletic director, Suzette Arriola, spoke to WFAA, an ABC affiliate in the Dallas-area.

She said that no fans were ejected due to the noise-making.

WFAA also reported that “Arriola said that it was not an isolated incident, as these noises continued throughout the first half of the game. Arriola said after reviewing the video, they found at least three instances when it happened.”

East Central shared a message on its Twitter feed saying, in part, “Our athletes, coaching staff & parents are not OK with what happened!”

The coach of the team, Vanessa Villareal, responded to the school’s tweet adding, “This situation was hard. Speaking to my girls about this was hard. Our weekend was not ruined by this. Our kids grew & I wish I could show what our girls did on the bus once we discussed it. Our girls are amazing people who love each other so much! I love them for that!”

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      • A lot of people are quick to dismiss stuff like this because so many times we’re sold a false bill of goods on these incidents. But just on face value, sounds like they were going for orangutan noises. That said, I’ll wait for all the facts to come out before jumping on either side. Could have been staged. Fan could have been doing that for every opponent player at the line that night.

  1. On this one, the Basketball player may have a point. Now, this is without watching every foul shot by the opposing non-black players or during games past with opposing non white players. I’ve been to tons of Basketball games (High school, college, and pro), and its common for opposing fans to make noises, bang on bleachers, etc…to try to distract the player (happens with Little league batters and extra point/FG tries). HOWEVER, I have never heard “monkey” noises. I’ve heard other animal noises based on a team nickname (Wolves, etc)….i doubt the team has a “monkey” association with a name or mascot. To me, Monkey noises is clearly the sound the people were trying to make.

    I’m guessing if the crowd was just doing general noises, banging on bleachers, etc…nothing would be said. The player would be used to that.

    With the info I have seen……I’m siding with the player on this one.

  2. These be troubling times …. assuming this one is “legit”, it could set off other BYU/Duke hoaxes. With the amount of “publicity” these incidents generate one would think schools and fans would be just a tad smarter …. sigh.

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