Bizarre Video Shows Woman At McDonald’s Stuff Hamburgers In Her Bra

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Stuffing hamburgers in your bra is one way to guarantee that nobody will ask for them back. It’s also a good way to go viral.

A woman at a McDonald’s in Lewisham, London went viral after grabbing a few hamburgers and stuffing them into her bra during an argument with an employee.

Woman stuffs hamburgers into her bra at McDonald’s

The video starts with the woman already behind the counter arguing with an employee who is asking her to leave. The employee is holding a door open and tries to get the upset woman out from behind the counter.

His attempts were unsuccessful. She can be heard asking for a hamburger and is told by the employee that there aren’t any for her. She briefly questions him about that before turning around and heading toward the already made hamburgers waiting to be served.

The woman grabs a couple of the hamburgers and stuffs them into her bra as the employee tries again to get her to leave. The two go back and forth before she goes back for more of the hamburgers.

These are the moves of a professional

The manager finally steps in and is able to get the woman to leave. But not before she was able to stuff what looked like two Big Macs and at least two more smaller burgers into her bra.

Props to this lady. She was not going to leave without a hamburger and didn’t hesitate to stuff them in her bra. This didn’t look like her first rodeo.

It’s good to see the insanity at McDonald’s has gone international. We seem to have the market corned here in the states on viral incidents at the fast-food restaurant.

It’s also a little heartwarming to know that even if we end up traveling to a foreign land we’ll feel right at home with insane behavior at the local McDonald’s.

Written by Sean Joseph

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