Biological Male Who Identifies As A Collie Barks Back At Haters

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The Japanese man who spent $14,000 to identify as a dog was going to take the snide comments lying down.

Toco, the man who finally took his first steps outside as a collie, says the haters, who claim this is some sort of “weird sex thing,” aren’t going to get him down.

“I’m just sad that people can think that,” the human-turned-pooch told the New York Post. “I love animals and enjoy play-acting like a collie. This is my hobby, so I will carry on. It makes me happy and other people happy, too.”

Toco says going for a walk outside as a dog has been a goal of his since grade school and now he is living out a dream.

“(I)’ve worked with animals for 15 years now and this is the creepiest animal related thing iv ever seen lol,” one YouTube user commented after watching Toco’s first public appearance.

“I thought I had seen it all. But each waking day, humans still find a way to shock me,” wrote another reviewer.

There are definitely haters out there who aren’t ready for grown men to identify as a canine.

“He talks about not being able to show his face bc he’s scared….no, my friend, that’s called shame,” ColbyHunter9438 responded.

“Sometimes, I think the apocalypse would not be a disaster, but a salvation,” Luis added.

“This is crazy. You all know that, right?” Wendy fired back.

Because I’m a blogger and it’s my job to watch such ridiculous videos, I went ahead and watched Toco’s first public appearance to get an idea how things are going for the guy who’s been posting videos of himself living as a dog since 2022.

  1. Toco moves too slow. It’s like going to Chuck E. Cheese and watching the robots do their thing. I need some speed out of this pooch.
  2. 100% a human willing to subject himself to this punishment has a screw loose. I don’t even want to hear from the he’s just living out a dream losers.
  3. It must be blazing hot in that suit.
  4. Of all the things to go viral for, Toco picks this one where you have to get into the suit to make content, which has to be a huge pain in the ass.
  5. He’s going to have back issues.
  6. Toco’s handler better be making big money from YouTube advertisements to be hanging around this circus.
  7. There’s no way Toco has a girlfriend unless she’s just as big of a freak and likes to dress up as a Golden Doodle and cruise around suburban parks.

“My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal,” told the Mirror.

How far off are we from a biological male winning the Westminster Dog Show? Crazier things have happened, right? Like a biological male becoming a national champion female swimmer?

Written by Joe Kinsey

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