Billy Horschel Helps Detain ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protestors At The Open Who Rushed The 17th Green With Flares: Video

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There was an expectation heading into The Open this week that protestors with the environmental activist group ‘Just Stop Oil’ would make an appearance at Royal Liverpool. As it turns out, Friday was the day, as a few protestors stormed the 17th hole with orange flares. Unfortunately for the protestors, they decided to pull off their stunt while Billy Horschel was playing the signature Par 3.

Earlier in the week, the R&A advised players not to intervene with any potential protestors, but to not getting involved isn’t in Horschel’s DNA.

The former FedEx Cup champion was able to grab one of the protestors before walking them over to an officer. He was sure to give them a slight shove as he handed them over to security in pure disgust.

The orange flares that seemed to be filled with a bit of confetti didn’t do too much damage to the golf course. Protestors must have forgotten that leafblowers exist, as the maintenance crew took care of the debris in a matter of seconds.

The protestors did make a wise decision not to pull their stunt when Jon Rahm was on the hole, as the Spaniard issued a serious warning to the group before Thursday’s opening round.

‘Just Stop Oil’ protestors had seven seconds of fame earlier this month when they disrupted a match at Wimbledon by throwing puzzle pieces and confetti onto the court.

Time will only tell if their disruption at sporting events will actually accomplish their goal of ending fossil fuel production.

I’m going to boldly predict that it won’t.

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Written by Mark Harris

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