Bills Writer Mad About the Lack of Female Singers During Practice Says He Was Called ‘Woke’

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The woke sportswriter who complained because the Buffalo Bills weren’t playing enough female musicians during team practice has responded.

The character, a guy called John something, says he — though his bio keeps it ambiguous without the pronouns — doesn’t appreciate OutKick calling him woke. In a Twitter thread that spans pages long, he explained himself to OutKick’s Meg Turner:

To be clear, I am the one who wrote the story about the tweet. And I didn’t call Mr. W “woke.” I called him a screeching beta male, on the level of Mike Florio.

After a day of reflection, I’ve found myself also offended. Not because the Bills aren’t playing the track “B.I.T.C.H” from Megan Thee Stallion, but because here we have a male sportswriter assuming to know the genders of each musician he hears.

How does Wawrow know the singers of AC/DC identify as men? Can AP Guy say for certain that none of the artists who the Bills play are non-binary?

How would he react if the team played Demi Lovato? Sure, she redeclared her pronouns as “she/her” last month, but what about all the previous months she went by “they/them?”

This type of stuff holds society back. Male journalists assume genders without giving each individual a chance to declare otherwise and change their mind.

I expect better from an AP writer. Last week, the outlet released new guidelines on when to call pregnant women “pregnant people.”

It appears not all employees are read-up on new standards.

John Wawrow is not woke. He’s offensive and inconsiderate. This is why I try to get my NFL news from only Mina Kimes. You can’t tolerate these men.

Written by Bobby Burack

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