Bills Return To Buffalo And Have To Dig Their Cars Out Of Snow

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The Buffalo Bills had a nightmarish trek back to Buffalo after beating the Chicago Bears on Christmas Eve. Once they were back home, they still had one last hurdle to clear before they could sleep in their own beds.

A hurdle that anyone who has ever lived where it snows will shudder at the thought of.

After reportedly flying into Rochester and driving back to Buffalo, the Bills finally made it home. Unfortunately, they found their cars covered by several feet of snow.

Safety Damar Hamlin captured the monumental winter weather on his Instagram story.

Scraping the frost off your windshield sucks. Digging your car out of that much snow is the stuff of nightmares

The Snow Capped Off A Rough Trip Home For The Bills

As you can see, some players were way more patient about clearing their rides off than others. Clearly, someone was in a hurry and hit the road with an iceberg big enough to bring down the Titanic stuck to the roof of their SUV.

Can you imagine the frustration of being on the road longer than expected — wanting nothing more than to sleep in your own bed and use your own toilet — and coming back to that?

Also, how does the team not have a garage or something where players can park? These guys have expensive cars that I’m sure they’d prefer to park out of the elements.

It’s Buffalo! Snow like this isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s happened several times this year already.

At least the Bills were coming home after a win, and the guys were in a more jovial mood. Otherwise, the low morale could’ve rivaled that which followed any of the many disappointments that the franchise has faced over the years.

Any of them. Take your pick.

The Bills have already clinched the division title, so there’s a bit of stress off of them at the moment. They’ve got a tough one next week against the Cincinnati Bengals and then will wrap up their regular season campaign against the Patriots.

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  1. I assume the players park at the practice facility and not the stadium. It’s hard to believe, especially in a place like Buffalo, the owner of the team has not invested in a covered parking area. OR, at least, hire a crew to go clean the parking lot and have the cars dug out. The owner seems like a decent person. I bet the ownership addresses the issue this upcoming spring/summer due to this video being released.

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