Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott Channels Marshawn Lynch: ‘I Like The Money To Stay In My Pocket’

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The NFL added a new rule this week. On kickoffs, players can call for a fair catch and allow the offense to start on the 25-yard-line, just like in college football. Pat McAfee went OFF on the rule change and tried to get Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott to do the same.

But McDermott wouldn’t take the bait.

“I like the money to stay in my pocket,” McDermott said with a smirk. He’s referencing, of course, a potential league fine if he makes disparaging remarks.

It seems clear, though, that most coaches and league personnel do not like the new rule.

You have to respect Coach McDermott’s dedication to not getting fined by the league. His response brought up memories of one of the most famous NFL press conferences in history.

As only he can, Marshawn Lynch participated in the famous “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” media visit.

Man, I miss Marshawn Lynch. By the way, he’s a pretty good actor, too. If you haven’t seen his episode of “Murderville,” the improv show led by Will Arnett, I suggest watching it. Like right now.

Here’s a taste of what Lynch brings to the table:

I don’t mean for this to turn into a Marshawn Lynch loveliest but … well, too late.

There are few things that make me laugh more than when Lynch explains to Kenny Mayne that he can’t decide whether he likes Applebee’s “ambiance” or “decor” more.

Plus, it’s a reminder that Lynch started his career in Buffalo. That’s where Sean McDermott coaches! See, I had a plan to continue to connect these ideas.

The Buffalo Bills drafted Marshawn Lynch 12th overall in the 2007 NFL Draft, exactly 10 years before Sean McDermott took over as head coach.
The Buffalo Bills drafted Marshawn Lynch 12th overall in the 2007 NFL Draft, exactly 10 years before Sean McDermott took over as head coach. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

OK, sorry. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

Pat McAfee makes great point while talking to Bills head coach Sean McDermott about new NFL kickoff rule

Back to the topic at hand. Towards the end of the McAfee-McDermott clip, McAfee makes an excellent point.

“We can’t just keep making rules for future potential lawsuits because then we’re never going to stop,” McAfee says. He also references the league leaning towards “player safety.”

That’s correct, and it applies to more than football. It’s a statement on American society.

Overly airing on the side of “safety” gave us two years of COVID hysteria. And, we learned that too many safety measures does not make life better.

The NFL should take notes.

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