Bills GM Beane Would Consider Cutting Unvaccinated Player

In their efforts to lift as many NFL COVID-19 protocol restrictions as possible, the Buffalo Bills haven’t taken much off the table. According to the team’s general manager, Brandon Beane, that includes cutting an unvaccinated player.

On Wednesday, Beane joined the crew over on One Bills Live, and there he revealed whether he would cut an unvaccinated player, if it came down to it.

“Yeah, I would,” Beane said, via AP News. “You guys saw it in the fieldhouse. We had three and four meetings going on, and sometimes you’re talking over each other. But it was the only way to pull it off and be social distant. So it would be an advantage to cut a player and fall under that umbrella.”

As things sit, the NFL protocols list the number of players who can meet at one time. The league could become more lenient and less restrictive on teams that are fully vaccinated to incentivize them to take the vaccine.

We’ve seen something similar happen already.

According to AP News, vaccinated teams, including the Bills, were able to be at their headquarters during the 2021 NFL Draft — without masks — under the new vaccination rules. As of right now, that sort of advantage doesn’t carry over to player vaccination, but it might.

At this point, none of this should be surprising, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Just last month, Buffalo announced that fans must be vaccinated for stadium entry. That’s concerning.

Now the goal is apparently to do whatever it takes to get back to normal, including cutting players

“I think there’s going to be some incentives. If you have X number percent of your players and staff vaccinated, you can live normal, let’s call it — back to the the old days,” Beane continued. “If you don’t, it’s going to look more like last year.

“But I hope, if those are the rules, that we’ll be able to get enough people to be vaccinated and not have to deal with all the headaches.”


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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. No, this is no surprise. We’ve been in full on crazy mode for well over a year now. It’s not surprising at all the NFL teams would require 21-30 year old players at virtually no risk to covid to get a vaccine that could be more dangerous to their health than the actual virus.

  2. All it takes is one woke player to scream he was fired for racism, and this goes away. Pure bluff by the GM.

    Not to mention that as of now, OSHA has ruled against this exact type of workplace nonsense, meaning any employer requiring vaccination then owns the side effects and can be held liable.

    Fuck off, Bills.

  3. I really hope players realize how much power this gives them. Don’t want to play for Buffalo, and really want to play for a team in the sane part of the country? Perfect, don’t take the vaccine, get cut, and there are Miami, Jacksonville, Dallas, Houston, and a bunch of others waiting patiently. If teams in authoritarian states are actually crazy enough to do this, the opportunity this would leave sane teams to consolidate talent cannot be overstated. I’m praying Josh Allen refuses to take the vaccine, I’d LOVE to see him playing in Miami this year.

  4. Like in the world at large, there will be different rules for different people. No way they’re cutting Josh Allen, but if you’re the 5th linebacker playing special teams only? Buh-bye.

  5. Remember America, vaccination is not mandatory!

    Disclosure: unless you want to fly, get/retain employment, travel, leave the country, go see a game or ensure your kids get educated.

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