Bills Fans Fight Like Savages During Wild Card Game

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A day after we told you about Erie County (NY) Executive toolbag Mark Poloncarz giving Bills fans a grade card about their behavior during Saturday’s game against the Colts comes video of Bills fans savagely beating each other up. This is exactly why you can’t listen to toolbags like Mark.

He just says fans were good without even looking through social media to see that fans were throwing absolute haymakers at each other, though one guy did it while wearing his mask like the responsible citizen he is.

“All reports I’ve received are everything went well with the fans at the Stadium today,” Poloncarz tweeted. “Fans followed rules beforehand, no tailgating was observed, and just minor issues inside stadium. Thank you to all for doing a good job!”

Yes, thank you very much, Bills fans. You guys went out and created content when there were just 6,700 of you in attendance. This is the Bills Mafia we all love.

One other thing before I close this one down. What a performance by the guy giving up higher ground. Zubaz pants should be embarrassed having the higher ground like that and getting his face pummeled. Zubaz needs to work on the cardio because he was gassed way too quick here. His opponent appears to be in the same physical shape and overcame that and the lower ground issue.

Absolutely gutsy performance by the guy in black.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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