Bill Maher Thinks Californians Will Eventually Say ‘Fu*k It To The Democratic Party’

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 26: Television personality Bill Maher attends the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Could California soon become tired of the Democratic party? If you were to ask HBO Real Time host Bill Maher, he thinks this could become a reality in the near future.

During an appearance on “The Adam Carolla Show” Tuesday, Maher said that Californians will soon say “fu*k it” to Democrats.

“‘Fu*k it’ is what so many people say about so many things out here [in California]. Eventually what they are going to say is ‘then fu*k it to the Democratic party’,” Maher said, via Yahoo!.“This is an achilles heel to this party that they have to come to terms with. I mean, they couldn’t build a railroad, they tried, from L.A. to San Francisco. Same thing with the housing- the homeless thing.

“There are just too many people with their hand out. There are too many people who are unnecessary in this equation. This is kind of beyond politics and it will get hung on, deservedly so, the Democrats. It’s not like the Republicans are great on this either, but they don’t run the state right now. The Democrats do.”

As for why he believes this, Maher described the issues that are plaguing Californians, such as high taxes.

“First of all, we know there’s been an exodus from this state,” Maher said. “That’s partly because of high taxes and it’s partly because fire season is all year round. But it’s also because people can’t f—ing do anything.

“I just read that the cost of building a single unit for the homeless has now risen to $837,000. I just don’t think people understand the level of graft that is built into the system, the level of corruption, and that’s what I was getting at when I made that crusade about my solar.”

The conversation then shifted to the topic of solar panels, in which the 66-year-old ranted on the challenges of getting them installed.

“Can you imagine the level of corruption, but level of bureaucracy that I was ranting and raving about this on the air for over a year and they still couldn’t get it done?” Maher said. “I have a picture of 11 people at my house that finally showed. Eleven people. To turn on a lightbulb, basically, I had to build a shed to house the thing. I had to build its own home. Which could probably house the homeless, people could probably live in that shed.

“All the regulations that, I mean, I don’t know if it’s Orwellian, or Kafka-esque, or both of them, but it’s just strange. Very strange. The hoops you had to jump through to do something that the state was advising you to do. Solar power was something – I thought I was being a good citizen trying to hook up.”

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Written by Nick Geddes

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    • As a Californian, I do put a lot of blame on the Republican party in this state. They run the same losers for seats, then don’t even back them financially in the campaign. They have given up, allowing absolute idiots to win elections. Hell, Sarah Jacobs (the silver spoon brat whose dad founded Qualcomm) finally won a Congress seat here after losing to Issa repeatedly. She doesn’t even live here, she lives in NYC, but rents an apartment in the district. The Republicans ran some hack nobody knew. Didn’t even put up signs.

      There are a lot of people here who want an alternative to the progressive stupidity. But the Republicans don’t give them anyone.

  1. Slowly but surely, Maher is taking the red pill. He’s seeing the insanity that the Democratic party has become. Before too long, he’ll be voting conservative, and hopefully he will bring a lot of disaffected former liberals with him.

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