Bikini-Clad Snorkeler Bitten By Huge Shark & It’s All Caught On Tape In The Maldives

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That’s gonna leave a mark.

The Internet is going nuts Friday over the video of a nurse who was freediving around nurse sharks in The Maldives when one of the sharks decided it was time to sink its teeth into Carmen Canovas Cervello, who just happens to be a nurse herself.

The footage, which was posted on Instagram in January by Ibrahim Shafeeg, who goes by “The Shark Guy,” shows Cervello experiencing something she wasn’t hoping to take home from vacation — bite marks.

“I’ll never forget it,” Cervello said on Instagram while also adding a “Caution” emoji.

You’re damn right she’ll never forget it. Talk about nightmares for life.

Carmen Canovas Cervello shows off the bite marks left when she was bitten by a shark in the Maldives. / Instagram / @the_sharkguy

Shafeeg tells Media Drum World that there were around 10 nurse sharks in the area and all of them were somewhere in the 200-pound range.

What is a woman in a two-piece bikini doing swimming in the middle of sharks that appear to be feeding? It’s vacation. You gotta get that IG footage for the views.

In this case, Carmen got the clicks and a viral video out of the ordeal.

“It is highly recommended that divers do not try to feed nurse sharks while swimming with them…,” The Shark Guy wrote on his Instagram.

“Accident happens during freedive at shark point while feeding…Take precautions while swimming with sharks.”

That explanation didn’t sit well with the shark and freediving community.

“No mention of the personal responsibility that falls on this divers horrible technique at descending through the sharks huh?” Deano Cook, an underwater photographer, wrote. “She bares no responsibility for this? Your blaming feeding? Lol.

“She woulda got the same result with that terrible timing and technique. She’s clearly the reason she got bit. Not from feeding. She’s as irresponsible as this lane post. If you have no skills and clearly none are displayed here, stay away from sharks or get what you deserve. Sharks are awesome. They clean up the dumb, dead, & dying. Easy to see which one she is.”


Written by Joe Kinsey

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