Big 12 Unveils Social Justice Campaign, Players To Wear Messages On Uniforms

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The Big 12 is set to debut its 2020 fall football social justice campaign and commissioner Bob Bowlsby says that campaign will consist of players possibly on the field for the national anthem, public service announcements to run on stadium scoreboards and a social justice message on jerseys.

According to ESPN, Big 12 players “will be wearing a social justice message on the front left of their uniforms, as well as a black Big 12-branded unity sticker on the back of their helmets.”

Bowlsby adds that schools will take part in a unity message during pregame activities and advertising and programming will also be used by the conference to promote social justice.

“I think that systemic racism is not going to go away anytime soon,” Bowlsby told ESPN. “But hopefully we can make some progress, and that’s certainly our intent.”

The social justice message worn on the jerseys will be up to the school to decide. It’s unclear if the conference gave the schools a list of accepted terms.

The conference will also start “a Black student-athlete council w/ one male and one female athlete from each campus,” Oklahoman reporter Ryan Aber said on Twitter. The Big 12 season kicks off Saturday with eight games.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. The Woke checklist is growing. Gotta note these quickly!
    1. Kneel during anthem – check
    2. Covid mask -check
    3. SJW sticker on helmet/jersey-check
    4. Follow CardiB on Instagram-check
    5. Play with Kaepernick on Madden-check
    6. Subscribe to Washington Post-check
    7. At least 12 bumper stickers on car -check
    8. Say “systemic racism” once per day-check

  2. Ashamed Kansas State fan here. Cancelled my season tickets (football & basketball) and won’t be back or buying any gear until this stuff is over. Bought a VIP membership with the extra money. Nothing is safe. So disappointing.

  3. Thanks Joe! More relevant sports stories. What does it mean to have the right to free speech? It certainly does not mean… Being told to put some message on your jersey to appease the twitter mob! As if the gifted young athletes don’t have enough to worry about with just making the team. Just let the athletes play and live life!!

  4. I was hoping college football would fill the gap of the NFL this year. Nope, and good riddance.

    This is the insidious nature of leftism. Stupid people blindly adopting symbols that self-identify their stupidity, and then they moralize to the rest of us.

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