Texas Tech Coach Makes Bold Prediction About Big 12 Expansion

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Texas Tech coach Joey McGuire thinks the Big 12 expanding is inevitable.

Conference realignment is the major issue at the moment in college sports, and starting in 2023, the Big 12 will add Houston, Cincy, BYU and UCF.

However, with the PAC-12 fighting for survival amid UCLA and USC leaving, many believe the conference could be further raided by the B1G and the conference being run by Brett Yormark could pick up the survivors.

Well, in McGuire’s humble opinion, there’s likely more teams on the way.

Is conference realignment done? (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)

“I don’t know this. This is just my opinion. I think in the next weeks to months that you’re going to see some additions to the Big 12,” McGuire said during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan.

Is Big 12 expansion inevitable?

For those of us who have been paying attention, it certainly seems like there’s a very good chance the Big 12 isn’t done growing just yet.

Really, the Big Ten holds all the power here. If the B1G decides to take a few more PAC-12 teams, it’s hard to imagine the western conference surviving.

Will the Big 12 add more teams? (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

The Big 12 could come in, offer guaranteed TV deals and Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah could choose to leave WSU and Oregon State in the dust.

Now, is it inevitable this change happens? No, not at all. Again, it all comes down to what the Big Ten does. If the Big Ten does nothing, the Brett Yormak’s conference probably holds steady.

Will the Big 12 expand? (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

However, McGuire is someone who might know more than the average person, and he thinks expansion is happening.

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  1. I’m thinking that we may be in a holding pattern for a couple of years, especially with the planned College Football Playoff expansion on the horizon. Then again, if The Four Letter Nitwits lowball the PAC-TBD and the Big XII offers a sweeter TV deal, then we might see some westward expansion.

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