Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummet To New Low

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President Joe Biden hit a new low in the polls Wednesday, with his approval rating falling below 40% for the first time during his presidency.

His approval rating ticked slightly back up to 40% Thursday, with 54.2% disapproving of Biden’s job thus far, according to the Real Clear Politics poll. Biden was holding steady during his first few months in office, holding an approval rating above 50%. After the debacle in Afghanistan, however, where Biden withdrew the U.S. from the country, his ratings have taken a plunge.

Biden’s approval rating is now lower than at any point during Donald Trump’s time in office. Trump held an average approval rating of 41.1%, per the report.

Biden’s numbers are comparable with Vice President Kamala Harris, who like Biden, has seen her numbers plummet. The results of the December Rasmussen poll show that a majority of Americans are not in favor of Harris as well.

57% of voters now view the vice president unfavorably, including 50% who have a very unfavorable impression of her. That’s compared to just 39% who have a favorable impression of Harris, with 19% having a very favorable opinion of her.

Biden, meanwhile, remains unconcerned with the numbers and has called them out for being non-factual.

“I don’t believe the polls,” Biden said on Jan. 19.

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  1. He has lower approval ratings than Trump despite 90% positive coverage from main stream media and steady big tech censorship of any serious opposition or criticism. He’s lower in approval rating despite that, despite Trump having 90% negative media coverage, despite the entire tech industry promoting attacks on Trump’s presidency and personal life, and despite Trump’s own team leaking information constantly. In other words, Biden’s approval rating is the equivalent of someone flunking an exam despite the professor of the class writing each answer to each question on the board in front of you with no time limit.

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