President Biden Changes View on Moving Sporting Events Out of Georgia

President Joe Biden lied about Georgia’s new voting law — calling it Jim Eagle and Jim Crow 2.0 —then encouraged MLB to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta. Tuesday, a day after MLB relocated the game to Colorado, Biden changed his view on sporting events leaving Georgia.

When asked about calls to relocate the Masters, Biden said that moving such events end up hurting the people who need help the most:

Biden is right on the last part, though he sung a different tune last week when he encouraged MLB to find a different location for the All-Star Game. His comments soon led to Atlanta losing the All-Star Game, hurting the pockets of Atlanta’s working class.

Biden, the media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and others promulgated a lie that requesting voter ID is racist against black people. They pressured MLB and major corporations to agree with them at the risk of being labeled racist.

So, why has Biden had such a change of heart? Did he realize this has gone too far? If so, will it matter the next time his party demands that he join the pathetic movement to call all things the Left doesn’t like racist? On the last question, I’m betting no.

Increasingly, Democrats have adopted a new strategy to get what they want: target the goal, call it racist, and wait for cowards to fall in line. Biden, though promoted as a moderate, has so far followed that lead.

MLB should never have moved its All-Star Game, and President Joe Biden should never have lied about Georgia’s voting law. Yet both things happened.

The Masters should certainly never move from Augusta.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • They dont care. THEY DONT CARE because they are in power and thats all that matters. The true power behind this is Obama and everyone there knows it. In their minds the ends always justify the means. Never forget that. The fact that this is Obama 3.0 is quite clear.

      Biden wont last the year in office, and will be eased aside when he no longer can perform the bare minimums he is now (badly). And we will have a new POTUS (usurper 2.0) in Harris that was so unpopular with her own dem base she got out of Iowa 3 weeks before the caucuses.

      SO UNPOPULAR she didn’t even make the first contest. And guess who re-appears on the national scene as appointed VEEP…….Just guess…..


        • Its time we loyal Americans are forced to admit that there is no doubt our government and its various minions within are no longer in service of anyone but themselves and that it has been for years upon years upon years. Short of a 4 year break we were forced to watch end with cheating lies and fraud on such a massive scale your average normie can’t believe it when they are told about it.

          I don’t understand how anyone with even a small amount of active brain cells votes democrat these days. Seriously, what kind of a drooling moron WANTS this crap unless it serves their own personal advantage or they are too stupid to be trusted to breathe without prompting.

          Its a crying fucking shame what these people are doing and getting away with to our great country.

      • Hey Mark…only reason I don’t see HRC in the WH as VP is that Kamala and her could not co-exist…one big ego and one HUGE ego. HRC would be a total distraction…and we really couldn’t have Special K and HRC breaking out in uncontrollable giggles at the same time.
        If that is the plan (seems likely) they better get it in gear before the mid-term elections because the VP pick has to be approved by both houses of Congress, and I can’t see the Dems controlling the House or the Senate after 2022.

    • Biden gets dressed upon once a day to perform some basic duties. It is a joke on the American people that this clown is president. The DNC illuminati (Obamas, Clintons-maybe-, Soros and other big donors) knew that none of the other Dem candidates would have beaten Trump (neither did Biden but for arguments sake let’s say he did) so the only choice was Biden with Harris as VP because no one likes her and she couldn’t run on her own. What is really awful is that Biden’s wife and family thought sure just make Joe a puppet and take advantage of his dementia/early Alzheimer’s. But hey, Trump is out of the White House so we all win yay!!!!!!!

  1. OK so, according to Obiden: Atlanta which has a major black community should have gotten screwed out of the ASG. But according to the same man, Augusta National and its surrounding areas, no doubt much more of a white area, would be hurt by the Masters moving [which is impossible anyway, and only non-sports fans wanted it to/thought it could.] Oh and also Denver has much less of a black community than Atlanta.

    Biden seriously just called for black area to be screwed in favor of whites, and defended a white area against the exact same calls that caused the screwing of the black area. Am I the only one noticing this? Biden is an empty-suit, full-diaper president.

  2. Dementia Joe is going to be a real treat to just highlight what most politicians actually are. Flip floppers. But this is elder abuse because he probably can’t remember what he said yesterday.

  3. The Whoppie once when attacking Trump said Dr.Biden is a great doctor,unfortunately another idiot on show had to inform Whoppie she isn’t that kind of doctor.Jill Biden is vulgar to have her husband stumble thru dementia and screw the country when he doesn’t even get to enjoy doing it.

  4. For all those who think there will be some blowback to this in the 2022 midterms think again – the entire purpose of importing a zillion blue voters from south of the border and granting the DACA-amnesty in the “nAmE oF cOmPasSioN” will assure of no such 2022 losses

    • The furor over the Georgia voting issue is a set-up for HB-1 …. If HB-1 passes the Senate (if the filibuster is eliminated) it will legalize Wholesale Voting Fraud … declare what happened on Nov 3 to be standard national policy. … and eliminate all individual state rules on voting.

      It’s ALL about HB-1 ….

  5. I wont say verbatim whats in my heart about the president…
    I believe if you asked him about Jim Crow Laws in the 60s he would not be able to tell you about it; not because he may have at some point known exactly what it was about at the time, but because in 2021, he was told by someone else to just keep saying Jim Crow, because despite people not knowing proper history, most cave-people/americans know ‘jim crow bad’ ignoring the fact it was written by racist democrats…

  6. You have a 78 year old political never was who was repeatedly taken to cleaners on his party’s debate stage. Fast forward to present and we have the leader of the free world putting in about a 31/2 day work week while spending most of his weekends so far at home in Delaware. He’s holding a place for his Vice President whose main priority these days is being in a snit over her current quarters. He signed dozens of executive orders that he likely has no idea of their content. What he said on a Wednesday about the ASG is long forgotten by him on the following Tuesday. The media’s biggest concern is the impossible task of plugging the leaks on this political Titanic.

  7. Are you kidding? The explanation for the change is obvious: $$$$$

    Membership at Augusta is synonymous with wealth and access to power. Those people and corporations don’t want The Masters to be dragged through the mud anymore, lest the people get heat and the companies see share prices drop. So they start bombing their contacts at the White House with calls. “Hey, could you lay off the Georgia thing? I’d really appreciate it.” And *poof*, now all of the sudden it’s time to get reasonable.

    Sure, regular people already lost because the All-Star Game has moved, but who cares? You think Wall Street wanted Biden in power because they cared about regular people? As our beloved president would say, “Come on, man.”

  8. She’s a power hungry you know what. Like most in Washington. They want to force bad policy down our throats while living by a separate set of rules. It blows my mind how someone with a brain can be a liberal today but here we are. Crazy times.

  9. I don’t like Biden, but I’ve been saying for a year that what the Commiecrats are doing to him is straight up elder abuse. They got him elected and put statements on a teleprompter for him to read verbatim. They aren’t his words. Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of them come up with all the idiotic things for Biden to say knowing that Biden will take all the figurative bullets and look like the insensitive asshole.

  10. He’s still referring to the law as Jim Crow and blaming the states and lauding the corporations. He has learned anything new. Because he never learned anything to begin with, other than to conjure lies from his demented, soggy brain. He is a trained seal.

  11. Biden is President in title only. Obama, Susan Rice, Klain, probably a couple others are calling the shots. They’re doing what Obama set out to do…reform America. Biden was the perfect one for them for the Presidency, he won’t resist, will willingly let them make all the decisions, all the while letting him be called Mr. President. These people hate regular Americans.

  12. Bumbling Biden calls Georgia voter laws “Jim Crow” while his own state of Delaware has far more limitations. The faux President (like Obama) constantly cries for unity out of one side of his mouth while spewing divisive, race-baiting shit out of the other side.

  13. His handlers told him to say whatever he said. The man seems somewhat coherent for about 30 minutes at a time. During that time he repeats what his handlers in the radical left tell him. When he goes off script it’s incredible!!!!

  14. His exemption for the Masters makes perfect sense.

    This was never about voting rights or race.
    It was always about money.
    The Democrats and the media operated a shakedown of corporate America.
    Cooperate and get protection.
    Wall Street donated heavily to his campaign and they will be at the Masters enjoying the protection of the “woke” left and the media.
    MLB owners donated to Trump and are now forced into a divisive media campaign.

    This was never about voting laws. If it was then the game would not have been moved to Colorado.

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