Biden Administration Looking To Shut Down Another Pipeline, This Time In Michigan

It looks as if Joe Biden has his eyes on shutting down another pipeline and creating even higher fuel prices.

Per a new report from Politico (subscription required): “The Biden administration is gathering data on whether shutting down the Line 5 oil pipeline in Michigan would lead to fuel price shocks in the region, according to people familiar with the administration effort.”

Back in June, Biden refused to reverse his cancellation of the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline permit, despite attempts from Canadian officials to convince him otherwise. Biden nixed that particular pipeline the very day he took office.

The Michigan Chemistry Council vehemently opposes Biden’s reported pipeline plan.

“Shutting down Line 5 is a terrible idea with disastrous consequences for Michigan and our neighbors,” it wrote in response to the Politico report. “Michigan Public Service Commission’s new Winter Energy Appraisal shows that propane supplies are tighter and prices are up.

“There is no real plan in place to ensure a reliable, resilient energy supply for Michigan as we enter the winter. Pipelines remain the safest, most reliable, and most affordable way to transport the energy we need.”

Biden, however, doesn’t appear to value those things.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Gas prices high. Inflation high. Oil prices high. And this moron wants to shut down another pipeline. Meanwhile, he is helping Russia and Afghanistan build oil pipelines to help their countries

    Just more of his “Build Back Better” bullshit.

  2. The reason the left is importing half of Central America is to make sure they are insulated from blowback from actual Americans for terrible governance. They are no longer concerned with losing elections.

    It’s contemptible. They are trying to crash the system. Joseph McCarthy for the win! He understood what communists were about

  3. It`s almost impeachable what this old, demented turd is doing to this country. This “crash and burn” plan by the progressives won`t work. The trick is to keep the country together until enough of them are voted out of office. Virginia, on Tuesday, is just the start of the awakening. and Biden is a great reminder about how elections have consequences.

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