Biden Administration Discussing Vaccine Mandate for Interstate Travel

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According to an AP report on Friday, the Biden administration has discussed mandating COVID-19 vaccines for interstate travel, according to an AP report on Friday.

However, the White House has denied the AP report. A White House official told Reuters reporter David Shepardson that “mandating vaccines for interstate travel is not under consideration at this moment.”

While the White House would not deny this report if it planned to implement the mandate in the coming weeks, the official left room for a later decision by using the phrase “at this moment.” Meaning, the Biden administration is not ruling out an interstate vaccine mandate at a later time.

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Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This outlaw govt is out of control the southern border is being flooded with illegals no testing no vetting no nothing shipping them all over the United States and this proposed move is as illegal as it gets man are these dangerous times

  2. I am sitting here envisioning how well THAT will go over for college football season? NFL with NYC residents going to New Jersey for home games. Also envisioning unvaccinated, untested individuals streaming across the border while sports fan wait in lines to prove they can go from Georgia to Alabama. Will make for great visuals…Juan in Nogales, Mexico can (legally) cross the border to go to the Arizona Cardials football game but John in Las Vegas cannot.

    (Readies bowl of popcorn in lap for this $#!+show!)

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