US Reaches World Cup Knockout Stage, But Are Underdogs To Advance Further

The United States advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup for the first time since 2014 with a 1-0 victory over Iran on Tuesday. The US has yet to lose in the tournament, drawing with Wales and England prior to the victory.

Despite the undefeated record, oddsmakers don't believe the US will advance any further. DraftKings has posted odds on the match against the Netherlands (set for Saturday at 10am ET) and the Red, White and Blue are underdogs against the Group A-winning Dutch.

US are underdogs to defeat Netherlands in the World Cup

Soccer betting is unique, so we'll break it down here. On the 90-minute line, Netherlands is favored (-115), then draw (+240), then a United States victory (+350).

Obviously, the game cannot end in a draw because someone has to advance. Should the game be square after regulation time, the teams would then play 30 minutes of overtime. This period is not sudden-death; the full 30 minutes (separated into two 15-minute halves) would be played.

Should the match remain tied, the teams would enter penalty kicks.

On the "To Advance" line, Netherlands is still favored (-235) but the US is much closer (+175). Broken down into percentages, this means that DraftKings gives the US about a 36% of defeating the Dutch.

You can also bet on exactly which round the US will be eliminated -- if at all. Obviously, Round of 16 is the favorite there (-300) with quarterfinals (+400), semi-finals (+900) and World Cup runner-up (+4000) all seen as highly unlikely.

If you're feeling extra patriotic, you can lay it on the United States to capture the entire tournament at +9000, which has implied odds of 1.1% chance of happening. But, stranger things have happened and matches aren't played on paper. Or in casinos.

USA, all the way.

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