ProFootballDoc: QB Injuries And Monday Night Football Health Preview

Week 13 was only the second losing week of the season at 2-3 against the spread. Lamar Jackson's injury cost us one pick and Kenneth Walker III being ruled out lead to another loss. An OT tie means the Commanders -2 is a loss. The Raiders did handle the injured Chargers and the over in the Titans/Eagles game was a strong 31 points in the first half before slowing down but still hit. This leaves us at 39-22-4 (+17) on the season.

Quarterbacks were the story of the day with a six-pack of injuries and news. Jimmy Garoppolo's season is over with a foot fracture and surgery. Lamar Jackson is set to miss time with a presumed left knee PCL sprain. Tua Tagovailoa left the game due to an ankle injury but could have continued but for the score. Trevor Lawrence injured his knee but finished the game.

Additionally, Ryan Tannehill hurt his ankle but played through. Matthew Stafford was ruled out for the season with a spinal cord contusion which is what has been suspected.

Now, we're onto Monday Night Football where there's a matchup of NFC South teams that are both dealing with injuries.

NO @TB under 41

Both teams offensive lines are injured and both run defenses are healthy. This seems like a recipe for a low scoring affair. Both offenses have been struggling. The Bucs are below .500 but are in first in the NFC South. Leonard Fournette should return to play but Rashaad White might now be ahead of him on the depth chart. The Saints are struggling and there is potential for a quarterback change from Andy Dalton back to Jameis Winston. If the Saints can win, it will have them at five wins which would be tied for most in their division where someone has to make the playoffs.

This coming week will be the final byes of the season with six teams on hiatus. The Falcons, Bears, Packers, Colts, Saints and Commanders are all off for Week 14. After that, Week 15 brings Saturday NFL football and that will continue for the rest of the season.