JJ Watt Pays Fan's Bet That Was Messed Up By Reversed Call

The Arizona Cardinals earned a win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, and so did one fan. However, that fan's win only came after a loss, all thanks to JJ Watt.

During the game, outside linebacker Myjai Sanders appeared to force a fumble by hitting Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

It looked like Watt had himself an easy touchdown, however, it was ruled to have been an incomplete pass.

Oh, well. The Cardinals still won the game 27-17, so everyone was able to move on from the call.

Unless you're the dude who had a three-leg parlay blown by the play.

Cardinals moneyline and a James Connor touchdown. Check.

All this dude needed was an Arizona defensive touchdown to turn $27.77 into more than $1,000.

As you can see, he reached out to the Cardinals defensive end asking him to "help a brotha out," probably 50% joking, 50% serious.

Maybe more like 70% serious.

What do you know? JJ Watt reached out and acknowledged that both of them got robbed on the call.

Sounds like someone has a cool $1,000 coming their way. Although Watt didn't specify what he was sending, so for all, we know it could be a Cardinals swag pack or one of those Edible Arangeables.

Y'know, the fruit that looks like flowers that you send people when their great aunt dies?

Athletes paying for their fans' lost bets is slowly becoming a trend. A couple of weeks ago, Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat appeared to pay a fan who reached out to him after his bungled shootout attempt lost a game for the Canucks and a bet for the fan.

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