If You Think Alabama Goes Undefeated In 2021, This Is How You Bet Them

To SEC football fans outside of Tuscaloosa, the annual array of preseason Saban puff pieces and pithy win/loss debates is stomach-turning. But each year that the Tide run the table, win the SEC, or win the Championship only solidifies their worth as a blue chip investment. College football is like a freight train, and once it gets moving as quickly and efficiently as it has in Alabama, debating the possibility of success becomes quaint and obvious; debating the degree of success then becomes the norm.

As predicted, even with a new starting quarterback and a million players lost to the draft, Vegas set Bama’s regular season win total at a ridiculous 11.5, leaving absolutely zero room for error in a stacked SEC. ESPN's Joey Galloway and David Pollack debated that win total on Tuesday's edition of College Football Live.

Pollack sounded bearish on Alabama’s chances of running the table, though that could be the Georgia in him talking.

“You’ve gotta win them all. You have to be perfect. No, I’ll take the under. I’m not taking an undefeated season," Pollack said.

“I can't tell you where they're gonna trip up but at Florida, at A&M — Ole Miss, by the way, scored with them in bunches a year ago. LSU. I look at Alabama, I know they recruit at a high level and you’re gonna tell me they have the GOAT and all that stuff. I think they’re gonna lose a game. So I would take the under.”

On paper, it doesn’t look like the Tide will be underdogs against any teams this season, barring a weird series of events. Upsets happen in college football all the time, though, and no doubt someone will take Alabama down to the wire this season, if not beat them outright.

Galloway disagrees, saying that he thinks Alabama goes undefeated yet again.

“I’m gonna go with they’re not gonna lose one,” Galloway said. “I think if they had a chance to slip up, it would be at Texas A&M on Oct. 9. I think the same is true for Ole Miss and Mississippi State with Ole Miss, always … putting up a lot of yards and throw the ball around. Could be Texas A&M, but I don't see another game that they're going to lose.”

If you, too, like the Tide’s chances to go undefeated, but don’t want to tie up your money in a season-long futures wager, the best way to play this bet is via weekly money line action. Some of their games will be so lopsided that a ML bet doesn’t make sense, and that’s fine. Hit them on any weeks that fall within a chosen threshold, say -500 or better, and roll the winnings from week to week into the next bet.

If they go undefeated, you will have made more money than sweating out a futures bet, and if they lose (especially late in the season), theoretically you will have lost only profit and just a little principal investment--if you even choose to add principal at that point. Whatever you decide, FanDuel Sportsbook has you covered. Check them out each week during college football for new promotions, props, and industry-leading numbers.