Betting Against The Minnesota Twins Could Have Made You A Millionaire

The Minnesota Twins lost today 3-1 and officially were swept by the Houston Astros. Social media ripped the team for losing their 18th straight postseason game, but some recent findings made it worse. Sean Pendergast for SportsRadio did the math and determined betting against the Twins since 2004 would have made us rich.

Hard to believe any sports franchise, regardless of matchups, could possibly play 18-straight postseason games and not squeak in a win anywhere. Only explanation is their playoff slide is in their head and they’re simply pressing. Playing the Yankees never helps, but asking them to steal a game isn’t much to ask.

Twins fans have grown increasingly frustrated for a lack of respect and this is exactly why we can never buy-in. This organization has a knack for crapping the bed when it matters most and thanks to Pendergast’s research, we can finally quantify it.

We’re sorry to anyone that actively roots for this team because they stink like White Diamond. The playoffs is hard, but it’s not impossible the way Minnesota makes it seem. RIP, Minnesota.

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  1. I don’t think any of us can wrap our minds around this kind of futility. like Clay said on his show this morning, for a playoff team to have this happen over and over is much different from a hapless, garbage tanking franchise setting futility marks. Well, for us Yankee fans we can at least smile in the knowledge we’re responsible for the majority of the Twins’ early exits right Gary? 😀

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