Here’s How Much Walter White and Jesse Pinkman Will Appear in Better Call Saul

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Before the start of the sixth and final season of the Breaking Bad prequel/sequel series Better Call Saul, co-creator Peter Gould announced that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul would make an appearance to reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

The first half of Better Call Saul‘s final season did not include a scene with either Walter or Jesse. But before the debut of the second half of the season tonight, Cranston provided more details about the plans.

“So there’s three scenes [with Walter and Jesse] to come. It’s pretty cool. But to be honest with you – because we shot everything in a bubble and completely out of sequence – I don’t even know what episodes we’re in,” Cranston said last week on SiriusXM’s Basic! podcast. “You’re gonna find out.”

“There’s a scene that Aaron is in without me,” Cranston elaborates. “And there’s a scene where I’m in without him. And then there’s a scene where we’re both in.”

Better Call Saul consists of two timelines:

1) The prequel: events before Breaking Bad that follow Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman.

2) The sequel: events after Breaking Bad in which Saul now goes by “Gene” as he hides in Omaha.

But it’s unlikely that Walter and Jesse will appear in either timeline. 

When BCS began in 2015, fans theorized that the prequel would conclude with Saul meeting Walter and Jesse for the first time to match up the timeline with the original series. However, that now appears unlikely as the BCS prequel, with six episodes remaining, is still four years out from the events of Breaking Bad.

Instead, I suspect we see the two only in flash-forwards during the events of Breaking Bad, as Walter did in the sequel film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie:

Here’s that scene:



As cool as it’d be, don’t expect to see Gene meet up with Jesse, who fled to Alaska at the end of El Camino, even if both characters are still alive in the same Breaking Bad universe.

For context: El Camino is set moments after the final scene in Breaking Bad, six years after the period in which the BCS prequel begins. Meanwhile, it’s purposely unclear how many months/years have gone by between Saul’s “disappearance” in Breaking Bad to the Gene timeline in BCS.

For a universe not set in Westeros, there sure are many moving pieces.

Finally, the end of Better Call Saul is the last planned project in the Breaking Bad universe. So in whatever capacity Walter and Jesse appear, expect that to be their final visit. 

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