Ben Simmons Gets Petty During Philadelphia 76ers’ Blowout Loss To Celtics

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No one knows why Ben Simmons is talking from his couch during the NBA Playoffs. Perhaps it’s to spite his old team, the Philadelphia 76ers, for fumbling their series against the Celtics.

Simmons, the former first-overall pick who has yet to play a lick of basketball since February (scoring 2 points in his last game), posted a shady story on his Instagram Sunday afternoon. He teased the Sixers for their shameful performance against Boston.

Ben Simmons Shames the 76ers (From the Couch)

Simmons had a slight dig at the Sixers for their dismal performance against the C’s. He posted a shot of him at home, watching the Sixers as they suffered a near 30-point defeat to get the postseason boot.

Simmons posted a story on his Instagram, showing off the Sixers’ 108-78 deficit with three minutes left in the fourth quarter.

The glass of wine was a nice touch of pettiness. Simmons wasn’t just watching the game, he was eager to watch the Sixers’ downfall.

Boston defeated the Joel Embiid-led Sixers team, 112-88.

Considering the messy divorce that Simmons and the Sixers had, bad blood is expected between these two.

However, when one side of the split is clearly doing better than the other (Sixers > Simmons), you’d expect there to be some self-awareness.

James Harden and Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Simmons has been a disappointment in Brooklyn since getting traded to the Bronx in Feb. 2022. The $35 million per year player only appeared in 49 games this regular season (33 starts). Simmons sat out the entirety of the postseason due to lingering back issues and continues to exhibit minimal value in today’s NBA.

The 6-foot-10 point guard averaged 6.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.1 assists. Midway through the year, Simmons was relegated to the bench as he struggled to justify a starter’s role.

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