Bellator Champ Ryan Bader Weighs In On UFC ‘Scumbag’ Jon Jones

Bellator heavyweight champion Ryan Bader is anything but impressed by multi-time UFC champion Jon Jones. In fact, he thinks “Bones” Jones is more “scumbag” than champ and questions why the oft-troubled Jones would continue to surround himself with vices.

“People make mistakes, but when you keep making them over and over and over again, it’s not a mistake anymore. It’s a habit,” Bader told The Fighter vs. The Writer podcast.

Bader’s comments came in response to Jones’ September arrest for allegedly physically assaulting his fiancée, leaving her mouth and nose bloodied.

“People make mistakes — we don’t know all the facts or whatever — but if he did put hands on a woman, his fiancée, that’s the biggest scumbag move you can do and he should be gone if he did that, plain and simple,” said Bader.

Over the last decade, Jones has made more headlines outside of the octagon than in it. Jones, who is now 34, became the youngest champion in UFC history at age 23 and has been arrested and suspended by the promotion numerous times over the last decade.

“I think it’s the people around him that need to step up, too,” added Bader. “Obviously, mistakes are going to be made, but when you keep making them, something’s got to change. When you go to Vegas, maybe don’t go out. Go out around your friends at home or whatever it is.

“You would think there would be a breaking point. Like (Jones previously) said, he has trouble with alcohol — don’t drink alcohol, especially when you’re in Vegas and you have an event. People know you’re there. It’s one of those things you’ve got to tighten up.”

Bader reiterated to The Fighter vs. The Writer podcast that if the assault accusations are true, Jones shouldn’t be given another chance:

“If he did put his hands on a woman, he should be done. Don’t know all the facts, but it keeps happening over and over again with him getting in trouble. He’s got to tighten it up.”

Jones’ arrest occurred in Las Vegas, hours after he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. A court date to determine whether the scumbag title fits has yet to be scheduled.


Written by Anthony Farris

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