Beauty Influencer Canceled For Conservative Views Fights Back, Discusses with Tomi Lahren

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Beauty influencer Amanda Ensing was canceled for being conservative but she’s fighting back and calling out all the Liberal wardens of beauty along the way.

Sephora publicly posted that Amanda didn’t fit in with the brand’s values after she tweeted something on Jan. 6 and she joined Tomi in studio to discuss the lawsuit she brought against the beauty company.

“For the left to say they they empower women, but then also say ‘let’s defund women who don’t think like us,’ it’s disgusting,” Amanda told Tomi. “It’s beyond wrong. These brands are so spineless, they won’t stand and say, ‘hey, we support everyone’ because most of them are liberal.”

Amanda told Tomi that conservatives are not accepted in the beauty industry.

“The few beauty brands that are closet conservatives will never speak on it, and they bow to the mob every time, which encourages it,” she continued. “If you say anything about conservative or Christian values, you’re canceled.”

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