Bears Safety Eddie Jackson Has Issues With Biden Tax Plan

Bears safety Eddie Jackson had been sticking to (playing) sports until this week when he started coming to terms with a possible Joe Biden presidency and the Biden tax plan. “Biden tripping with upping these taxes,” Jackson tweeted Wednesday. A check of Jackson’s Twitter history reveals this is the first time Jackson mentioned Biden since opening his Twitter account.

In January, the 28-year-old Jackson, a fourth-year vet originally from Florida, agreed to a four-year extension with the Bears worth $58.4 million, including $33 million in guarantees. With an average salary of $14.6 million per year, he is now the highest paid safety in NFL history. Eddie’s clearly wanting to keep his hands on as much of that chicken (thanks, Marshawn) as possible, and Biden’s tax plan for those making $400,000-plus is starting to hit home.

Eddie didn’t clarify what he meant back in September when he tweeted, “spending that money with nothing to show for it…smh,” but it sure sounds like the Bears dominant safety is starting to think about his financial future.

The Biden tax plan has been under scrutiny by those who are finally getting a deeper look at how it may affect their money. 50 Cent came out this week and said he didn’t want to become “20 cent” because of Biden’s tax increases.

Eddie Jackson has yet to endorse either candidate, but those taxes Biden promises to raise aren’t looking too good right now.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. If you back a communist influenced idiot like mumbling Bumbling creep senile criminal racist pervert crazy Joe Biden, you will get robbed blind by him.
    A lot of leftists become conservatives when a big chunk of their paychecks are about to be confiscated.
    Or you could call crackhead Hunter and offer some bribe money to the big guy.

  2. Eddie just realized his contract is going to be for Biden if he gets elected, after the government has already collected record tax revenue under Trump.
    Trump should highlight that when Biden mentions taxing rich. We just raked in record tax money with lower taxes, Joe…and now you want more?

  3. LOL it’s all about the cheddar huh Eddie bet he voted for Obama twice and prolly that tyrannical mayor of Chitown now he “be trippin” i wonder if he is on board with the BLM support and kneeling when our Anthem is played.

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