Basketball Coach-Parent Fight Turns Into Chaos After Gun Scare

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A girls’ basketball tournament turned into a nightmare Sunday in Texas after players and parents ran for cover after reports of someone getting a gun to settle an argument made their way through the gym.

Fox 4 reporter Peyton Yager says the incident started after a coach and parent got into a fight at the travel basketball tournament and were kicked out of the fieldhouse. Yager says two men were involved in the incident at Fieldhouse USA in Mansfield, Texas.

Players and parents run for cover at Fieldhouse USA in Mansfield, Texas after reports of shots fired after a coach and parent got into a fight. / Twitter

“Shooter,” on man says in a video from the scene showing panicked basketball players and parents running for the exits.

Police say the coach-parent argument spilled over into the parking lot where eyewitnesses say one of the men got a gun from his car. Yager reports someone in the parking lot yelled “Shots fired,” which was then spread amongst those in the gym and you have full-blown chaos.

Cops say not shots were fired.

In a Facebook post, the Mansfield Police Department says there’s a video taken by someone at the event showing a man tripping over a table “which caused a loud sound and then someone started to yell.”

Police say surveillance video from inside the fieldhouse “is consistent with the other video” showing someone tripping over a table causing the loud sound.

So to conclude:

• You had parents and kids thinking someone was coming into the gym to blast them

• You have a parent and coach who can’t control themselves and act like losers

• You have complete chaos

• There are no reports of scholarships being handed out after this tournament

Written by Joe Kinsey

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