‘Barry’ Season 4 Trailer Drops, Promises Plenty Of Darkness

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The official trailer for the final season of “Barry” dropped Wednesday afternoon.

Bill Hader rose to fame and crushed it through the first three seasons of the show about a hitman who simply wants to be an actor.

“Barry” returns April 16 on HBO. (Credit: HBO)

It’s one of the best dark comedies we’ve seen in a long time. It’s somehow incredibly violent and uplifting all at the same time.

The fourth season will be the final season of the hit saga, and it looks like it will easily be the darkest season yet. Fire up the official season four trailer below.

“Barry” is excellent television.

You’re truly missing out if you’re not already a huge fan of “Barry.” Personally, I didn’t think I’d like it. How could a comedy about a hitman who falls in love with acting be any good?

Very few shows that straddle the line between comedy and drama actually turn out to be great. Yet, HBO hit a home run with “Barry.”

Some moments, you’ll want to cheer as you want Barry hopelessly indulge in acting and chase Sally, and other moments, you’ll find yourself stunned by how dark it gets. There’s an entire abuse storyline with Sally that could be straight out of any serious drama on TV.

Now, fans will get one more season to wrap everything up and put a bow on Barry’s journey. Without spoiling much, season three ended with all of Barry’s demons finally coming back to roost. It’s time for him to face the music (or is it?), and I’m excited to see how it all comes to an end.

If the final season follows the themes of the first three, Barry will do his best to try to be a good man, but violence is always lurking.

Trailer released for the final season of “Barry.” (Credit: HBO)

The final season of “Barry” starts April 16 on HBO. It should be one hell of a fun ride.

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