‘Barry’ Final Season Teaser Drops

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The first look at the fourth and final season of “Barry” is out.

The HBO series with Bill Hader has turned into an unexpected hit over the past few years. It’s a weird blend of feel good comedy and extreme violence as viewers follow an assassin – Barry – who has a newfound passion for acting.

Season three ended with an awesome cliffhanger. It looked like Barry’s demons and choices had finally caught up with him.

Now, it appears season four will open with the title character in prison.

Bill Hader is awesome in “Barry.”

Bill Hader has definitely had some fun roles over the years. He was a star on “Saturday Night Live” for years, but no role has really touched “Barry.” For the first time in his career, he’s the focal point of a series, and he’s crushed it.

The show has somehow managed to perfectly violence extreme violence and killing with having fans cheer for a hitman who just wants to act.

All Barry wants at the end of the day is to perform and to catch the heart of Sally. If some bodies get dropped along the way, it’s just the nature of the beast.

Bill Hader has been outstanding through the first three seasons of “Barry.” (Credit: HBO)

Now, the hit series is slated to end after season four. Seeing as the ending we got in season three, I truly have no idea how this will end.

Clearly, Barry will have to bust out of prison at some point. We’re not spending the fourth and final season behind bars. That’s not what fans want to see and it really wouldn’t make much sense.

He needs to be back out on the streets acting and dropping bodies – as strange as that sounds.

“Barry” is an outstanding show. The final season starts April 16. (Credit: HBO)

The fourth and final season of “Barry” premieres April 16 on HBO. It’s been a great ride, and it should be a ton of fun to see how everything gets wrapped up.

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