Bari Weiss Leaves NY Times, Says Twitter Runs the Paper and She Was Bullied on Slack

Total177 Bari Weiss, a writer and editor for the New York Times opinion section, resigned from the newspaper this week. She published her resignation letter to Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger on her own site, and the whole thing is worth a read. Two parts stood out: 1) She wrote that Twitter is the “ultimate editor” More

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Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. The contention that op eds two years ago with little problem would now get a writer in serious trouble, if not fired. If that doesn’t illustrate how insane the New York Times has become, nothing will.

    • Related to your point, as recently as this February, the NYT published an op-ed by one Sirajuddin Haqqani, among the world’s most wanted terrorists, Taliban leader of the Al Qaeda-backed Haqqani network. That is, an active and avid murderer of U.S. soldiers and citizens. The decision to give this butcher prime real estate from which to propagandize was met with not a peep of protest from anyone at the paper.

      But the publishing of an op-ed by a sitting U.S. Senator which contained non-conforming bad think re: the possible use of military force to quell ongoing violent riots in major cities (a view supported by a majority of U.S. citizens), caused mass hysteria, including hallucinatory claims that the ideas expressed placed reporters in physical danger. I wish I was making this up. This, of course, led to the immediate firing (cough, resignation) of James Bennett, editorial page editor and blasphemer against the Cultural Revolution.

      These people are mentally unwell.

  2. She is pro Israel, no wonder the left hates her and calls her a Nazi – that makes a lot of sense. I only wish the left encountered real Nazis, then they wouldn’t use that term ever again. Furthermore, I wish they experienced living in a communist country, like my parents did, and they’d never talk about how great Marxism is.

  3. Weiss makes some strong improper workplace claims. I would be interested to see if she puts her money where her mouth is and files a lawsuit in the near future. I would also like to see the contents of this “Slack” company chatroom in this process.

  4. I’m disappointed that Ms. Weiss lost her job for wrong think. But I’m also disappointed that her public letter doesn’t touch on the disinformation about Trump/Russia, Police Brutality, and so called Systematic Racism the NYT often writes about.These issues are well on there way to destroying our nation. She had a great opportunity to put a hole in this ballon and she missed it.

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