Bare Knuckle Fighter Nathan Decastro Looks Like ‘The Elephant Man’ After Bloody Hits To Left Eye

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Bare-knuckle boxer and former British Welterweight Champion Nathan Decastro still can’t see why his fight was stopped.

Decastro faced off against Lorawnt-t Nelson at the BYB 12 London Brawl event on Sunday. The amateur boxer’s night ended when Decastro’s left eye started to protrude off his face.

As relayed by TMZ Sports, Nelson landed several bare-knuckle hits to the left side of his Decastro’s face, causing it to swell up like The Elephant Man and convincing the ref to stop the fight in the third round.

Doctors checked Decastro for a broken orbital bone, which didn’t require much of a degree to confirm.

Nathan Decastro takes a post-fight selfie (via Twitter)

Firstly, kudos to this guy for being tough enough to take the blows.

Secondly, the swelling did appear too gnarly for the fight to continue.

Nathan Decastro holding in the tears (and his left eye)
“What injury?” – Nathan Decastro, probably.

Decastro tweeted about the result in the ensuing days: disagreeing with the ref’s decision but promising to be back in the ring as part of the “Warrior’s Code.”

“This is more than just a sport to me, it broke my heart been stopped by the doctor against my will, especially after been so far ahead in the fight! 2023 is the year of redemption for me,” Decastro tweeted.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do …”

All eyes are on the eventual rematch, which Decastro mentioned on social media would take place in Denver without a disclosed date available.

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