Barack Obama Wanted To Drop Joe Biden as VP, Reportedly Wrote ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’ to Describe Relationship

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Barack Obama grew so fed up with Joe Biden that he considered dropping him from the 2012 ticket, excerpts from the upcoming book “The Long Alliance” by Gabriel Debenedetti reveal.

Early looks at the book describe the fractured relationship between Obama and Biden. The book says Obama pondered replacing Biden with Hillary Clinton as his running mate for his reelection campaign.

At the crux, Obama saw Biden as a liability. Staffers who spoke to Debenedetti point out an incident in which Biden blurted out the administration’s support for gay marriage, an announcement Obama planned to make himself.

The staffers told Debenedetti that Obama could not “trust [Biden] to say his lines.”

Despite the media’s portrayal of Obama and Biden’s relationship as a “bromance,” reporting points to Obama not liking him at all.

Anonymously sourced quotes of Obama’s detestation toward Biden routinely appeared over the past two years.

Politico reported that Obama warned Democrats behind the scenes to find a better candidate than Joe Biden.

One Democrat recalled Obama cautioning, “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

Obama told another Democratic politician in 2020: “You know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”

The book reports that Obama bemoaned Biden’s tendency to “ramble” and mess up plans. A staffer who spoke to the author claims Obama wrote “Shoot. Me. Now” to them after he spent quality time with Joe Biden.

So Obama was as aware as anyone of Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. But his private warnings were not enough.

Late in the 2020 primary, the Democrat party got behind Biden to torpedo Sen. Bernie Sanders. And thus the country now sits in its current state.

Obama worried Biden was too “tired” for the job, that his reign would be “unthinkably painful.”

There’s no thinking. It’s unthinkably painful:

Should have warned harder, Obama.

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