Baltimore Ravens Star Marlon Humphrey Sparks Debate Over Athletes That Are Cheap

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Baltimore Ravens safety Marlon Humphrey believes in spending what he’s earned, which is why he’s calling out fellow millionaire athletes that act cheap.

Humphrey called out Kawhi Leonard on Twitter after the Clippers player went viral, again, over his 1997 Chevy Tahoe.

Most athletes would buy a sportscar or pimped-out G-Wagon after signing a massive sports contract, but Leonard clearly doesn’t mind being frugal.

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Humphrey called out Leonard’s humble ride in a tweet and called his budgeting a “dumb” move.

“Nothing humble about this. This is actually just dumb lol,” Humphrey tweeted.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, Says Kawhi Leonard

After the NBA media found out about Kawhi’s meek ride, he responded, “it runs, and it’s paid off.”

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones chimed in on the subject. He disagreed with Humphrey’s point on spending big and drove the point home by disclosing that he drives a 2003 Ford Explorer.

“I don’t agree! I still got the same car from high school a 03 Ford Explorer!!” Jones tweeted.

Jones later posted a picture of him and his 20-year-old ride.

While Kawhi Leonard could exercise reason and perhaps upgrade to a 2004 Honda Civic, his point rings true: if a car can run, there’s no reason to sell it.

Then again, if an athlete’s making tens or hundreds of millions between league contracts and brand deals, should it be healthy to expense some money on upgrades?

What Leonard is ultimately saving himself from is becoming another tragic case of an athlete that went from having millions to being broke.

In 2009, a study revealed that 78 percent of NFL athletes filed for bankruptcy just two years into retirement. As for NBA players, 60 percent of retirees filed for bankruptcy five years into retirement.

In 2019, Kawhi signed a four-year max extension with the Clippers, worth $176.3 million. Leonard earns an additional $5.5 million per year from his deal with New Balance.

Aside from investing in energy drinks, Kawhi Leonard keeps his millions under a mattress.

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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